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The mining town of Flakreth was built by Dwarves after the alliances had been formed between the Dwarves and Koreth. Brom Silverhand was the industrious founder who set the town on its course to prosperity. The Mining Guild is a group of dwarven families who own the mines near Flakreth. The Mining Guild is responsible for hiring workers and setting the standard for the work that is carried out. Many human families moved to Flakreth to benefit from the growing town and have stayed since.


Mostly Dwarven, small variety of Humans who live and work there.


The Mayor has been chosen from the Silverhand family for generations. The Mining Guild has considerable leverage in political affairs.


Flakreth has a moderate sized force that can be marshalled and armed. There are cannons on the battlements, a draw bridge and a path that leads to a safe cave in case of a siege.


Mining, tool production, taverns and inns; trade with Karota for refined metal and the Rumbling Hills for horses, ponies and oxen.


Flakreth boasts several refineries to process the ore mined from the mountains, a few forges to craft the metal tools and other things required for day to day operations, and stables for the carts and livestock used to transport materials to and from the mountain. The sewage in Flakreth is pumped into a bog a few miles downhill. Water pumps pull water from the Varen River to Flakreth.

Guilds and Factions

-Mining Guild: The Mining Guild manages the mainstay of work in Flakreth. They ensure that workers have housing, meals, and some healthcare. The guild also mediates in Mining disputes. The Guild collects a fee from the Mining Companies to be a part of the Guild and access their services. -Fight Club: The fight club in Flakreth is known as a place to challenge one's fighting skills. They have a few rules: no killing, all bets are final, and no outside aid. Brawls are the main event, but occasionally fighters with weapons will duel. The winner advances up the board of winners and challengers. If a fighter on the board is challenged and refuses to fight they give up their place and are dropped in rank.


Dwarves prefer to use stone and metal to wood because of their long-lasting durability. Temporary structures and made with wood and other less valuable materials.


Flakreth rests in the shadow of the Crag Mountain Range. It is rocky and greenery is sparse. A river flows not far from Flakreth and is pumped up to Flakreth for use in daily activities and the refining process.

Natural Resources

Metal ore, some rooted plants can be harvested nearby.
Alternative Name(s)
Town of Metals
Large town
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