Guide of Lost and Fallen Souls

Cernach is an Old God of the Mundane Plane and is known as the deity of passage between the mundane and astral planes, overseeing the balance of life and death with a kind but watchful eye. Cernach can take many forms, but his natural state is that of a monstrous humanoid elk with a fleshless head.

Divine Domains

Cernach rules over the balance of life and death. He is the guardian spirit of mortal souls as they pass between forms in the astral and mundane planes. In firbolg culture, he is also seen as a harbinger of change.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The sigil of Cernach is a stylized deer head, though this is often elaborated to an elk skull with flowers twisting around the antlers. Deer and ravens are sacred to Cernach, as are the resurrection fern and nightshade. Iron has a special significance to his mythos.

Tenets of Faith

Cernach has no formal teachings. However, he generally looks down upon necromancy, as it disrupts the balance of mortality. He has also been known to give introspective advice to favored mortals, on rare occasion.


The vernal and autumnal equinoxes are auspicious dates symbolic of Cernach; they are the two days of the year where daylight is in absolute temporal balance with the night.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Cernach's duties are to ensure the continued balance of life and death, and ease the passing of mortal souls from one plane to the other. By extension, he seeks to keep the interplanar influence balanced.


Divine Classification
Old God

Symbol of Cernach


Author's Notes

Cernach is based on Cernunnos of Celtic myth, with design elements of the Wendigo of Algonquian legend.

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