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The Whisperwind

“When the green lies calm, and the winds stand still. Run home, run home.”
“When the shadows make the night a fading sun. Hide now, hide now.”
“When the trees do bow, as if they weep and sigh. Stay down, stay down.”
“But when a light beckons and a melody echoes… Too late, too late.”


The forests of Thenkewenigg and Thencalaad are horrifying verdant landscapes filled to the brim with dangerous monsters, vicious plant life, and enough terrors to scar a man to death. Whilst many Otherfolk have made these massive forest-Holds their home, and have long since learned to thrive despite against the odds of their country, many places still hold lethal perils. One that still terrifies even the hardiest of warriors to this day: the Whisperwind.   Throughout these woodlands, and completely at random, like a beast trapped within the trees and boughs exists a blast of wind that rips and tears through the bark and leaves. Wherever it blows, the living are rendered mad whilst the dead are raised in undeath. It is said that one sees their deepest nightmares when the Whisperwind blows in their ears; that the light of sun dims as it breaks branch and bends trees; that the stars above are obscured and their shine no longer gives any sense of north, or south.


The Whisperwind appears as a dark and grey miasma that hurls itself through the woods of Thencalaad and Thenkewenigg. It has been likely to a giant snake, or a giant boar, trying to break through the verdant prison it is trapped in. With every movement, smaller plants die, and the corpses of creatures, sentient and animal alike, are returned to a corrupt form of unlife. With every gust, these dead things join the unending necrotic winds, appearing to drag the living into their chthonic trail.
Metaphysical, Demonic

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Cover image: The Return by Eytan Zana


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