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The Regent, Lord of the Skies (Ancient Tuana: [/lɔːrd/])

"Elvish God of Kings, the Skies, the Storm and the Forge."

᚛ᚈᚐᚒᚏᚏᚐᚋᚐ᚜ (a.k.a. "The Stormsmith")

Lord of the Skies, Master of the Forge

Not long before the day dawned on the passes of Ginnunting, a messenger arrived bearing grim news for the Lord of the Heavens, who sat atop a steep peak that overlooked the rebellious camp which sought to usurp the Stormsmith's peace. "My Lord," the emissary said "they refuse to surrender. We have warned them to take away wives and children, yet none have departed. Warriors, women, they all remain." And the Lord spoke, and his voice thundered with rage as the clear skies of morning darkened under his anger. "They have been given ample warning, now is the time for consequence." The Stormsmith turned to his chief Astòr, who bowed his head deeply and whispered words to his own acolytes. Then the Regent stood, and rose his hand towards the storm clouds above, that gathered and swirled like a maddened wheel. "Rig-Astòr, kill." With a fell swing, the Lord brought his arm down, and with it the heavens; and lightning smote the heretics.
- Tales of the Thunderer, passage 23a (mural and archived clay tablet).


The Regent was the eternal ruler of "Llys adh Edel", reverred and feared by all members and faithful of the Old Faith. He ruled over the Sky Court, as its King and monarch, and was said to have such a mastery over the Spirits of the Breath that the storms themselves bent to his very will. There is very little that remains of his worship or cult, albeit the remnants of the Regent's kingdom fought ferociously during the War of Want to keep their territories out of the clutches of their brethren.

Divine Domains

Of his Titles and Interpretation:

Lord of the Storm:
The Regent is said to be the lord of the skies, having affinity with the spirits of wind and lightning. As the ruler of the Sky Court, it is easy to assume this figure was the elves' Sky God. Many of the manuscripts and engravings that have survived the Second Fading's destruction speak of the 'Regent's overwhelming power over the skies astorm', albeit it is said he crossed the Ghastly Expanse and 'abandonned his people, no longer answering the prayers of his followers'.
  Master of Spirits:
The Regent is often depicted on Lachlanna as surrounded by the three spirits of the skies, the ram, the auroch and the eagle. Some inscriptions claim he was not only allied to them but their masters; his control over their powers was so absolute they 'bowed to him as king of the skies, heavens and clouds'. The Sky Court is also renown for using Astòr as military troops, using druidic powers over the weather and the elements to subdue and crush their enemies.
The Lord of Storms was named as such due to his hegemony over the 4 Courts of the Elves. Standing as master, monarch and ruler over all the "Llys adh Edel", and An Edel throughout the ages of myth. During these ages, the Regent was a harsh yet benevolent God whose justice was fair and whose realm was peaceful. Yet when time came to save the elves from Fading, he crossed the oceans with his armies and was never seen again. His lover, the Mourner, wept until Edelin was flooded and dragged beneath the ocean. Only the Huntress could protect all mortals until she put an end to her sister's mourning.
  The Stormsmith:
It is said of the Regent that he could 'forge the very air, and lightning that fell from the skies'. He would 'reach for the skies and harness the heaven's wrath like a blade with which to smite his foes', or 'bring lightning down to hammer it against an anvil, and shape it into a spear's head'. His skill with a forge outmatched even the 'greatest of Starsmiths, although he was no Ronn'jo' This implies the existence of a duality between smiths, where various methods of forging items existed in the world.

Divine Symbols & Sigils


The Regent is often depicted on murals and illustrations as a faceless, powerful and tall elf, wielding lightning as a spear, or a bow, or a sword. By his side are carved the 3 spirits of the storm and skies, albeit at times he was found with the other spirits in various Lachlanna across the world. Rig-Lann are, however, quite sparse and very few texts of the Regent remain. He is sometimes depicted with a winged elm, or a cloak of clouds, however he is always stood or sat atop an anvil.
Divine Classification
Power, Divine Soul, Ascended Deity
Circumstances of Birth
Circumstances of Death
Drowned by the living Ocean
Bright all-sky-blue
Lightning blond, bearing a beard made from clouds
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale snow white
Said to be over 5 meters tall

"Behold the might of the skies, where one edel can bring the heavens down unto the wicked."
Credit to: Jeremy Soule

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