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Tellelorn, the Dreaming Tree (Ancient Edelian: [Tell-ell-lorn])

Oh, Tree of Light, Save Us from Oblivion

“There is light in the world, I swear to embody it. There is hope in the world, I swear to kindle it. There is joy in the world, I swear to share it. There is beauty in the world, I swear to shelter it. Until stars and seas are gone, I devote my soul to Edelin; to banish the darkness is my sole desire, from now until my life rejoins the earth below.”
- Oath of Edelin.


Tellelorn is a mythical tree whose grove is hidden to everyone's sight and knowledge. None can truly reach it, regardless of which forest one finds oneself in. No matter how much one tries to find it, even with the most sensible approach or through use of spell and enchantment, they will never find it. How is it, then, that some claim to be Tellelorn's champions? Or that the name of Tellelorn is known to all peoples of the woods?   Many people know of Tellelorn, and numerous champions of it appear throughout records, seemingly at random, as they take action in key events of history. Chief amongst them is Sornion who speared the young Saint Llyw through the chest at his trial in Dageraad. Sornion was then never seen again, having disappeared off the surface of the earth until other apparently less important champions appeared here and there. And thus, the question remains: what is Tellelorn?


Hidden by manners now lost to time and memory, Tellelorn stands idly, allowing only those with potential to step within its protective enclave. It is a great, silver leafed tree, leaning over a gentle stream. Its roots dig into the ground and rocks, and when resting beneath its branches one might dream they can see the whole of Aedelwynn at once. Though resplendent, it isn’t taller than any other tree, and does not seem to belong to any particular family (oak, elm, etc).   Its grove is called 'the Grove of Dreams', and it is said that Tellelorn was not born from an acorn or a seed, but from a fallen star. The star gorged itself on the rich waters of its stream, and grew into a tall starlit tree. Beholding the beauty of the land around it, it swore to protect the woodlands and mountains and river streams it called home. Thus spread its roots across the Land so that it may watch over the realm it adored, and birthed many children that watched on her behalf.   These children are scattered throughout the world, serving as wardens to An Edel settlements or beacons of hope for those who look upon it. There are three acknowledged "children of Tellelorn": the Gildtree of Dageraad, Glaerllywfen the Burning Pine, and Ddhollywfen the Gleaming Elm. The positions of the two former are well known, the Gildtree is in Dageraad, and Glaerllywfen is in Uidhelian, however Ddhollywfen's location is lost to memory. Rumour has it that Tellelorn has numerous other children spread across the Realm of Aedelwynn.   It is said: "in times long before men lived, a young 'Faeranaur'(?) wandered the woodlands in search of his hound. As he tried to find his dog, he fell upon its carcass, and in its stead stood a monstruous beast, horrifying and difformed. The boy was struck across the chest, and left to die, yet when he woke he sat at the foot of a tree. A river stream ran through its silver roots, and a soft gleam shone on his wounds. Leaves fell from the tree around him, and he saw a gleaming fruit hanging from its branches.   He reached for it, and bit from the fruit, and his wounds were healed. A voice rose in his mind, and asked if in return for the fruit the boy would help the tree with a beast that plighted her lands. The boy asked how he could help, he was only a lad with a bow, to which the tree replied to make a arrows from one of her fallen branches and that she would guide his hand and slay the beast for her. Thus he did, and made three arrows out of the tree's flesh, then hunted the beast down and slew it with all three.   The first sank into the beast's eye. The second sank into the beast's flank. The third sank into the beast's heart. In thanks, the silver tree allowed the boy to live by its roots and spend the remainder of his days by her side, wherein the lad - who grew older and older - would protect the grove from further beasts and intruders until he too would pass away, and leave behind his bow, arrows and spear."

Historical Basis

The legend of the Grove Warden, and of his mythical tree: Tellelorn, is known to many An Edel, and has been known since before the Fading Era. The grove was regarded as the final resting place for those who disappeared without warning in the woodlands. There are many historical records where various knights and warriors or archers appear, claiming to be 'champions of Tellelorn', though no living memory can place a face to these individuals. During the Fading Era, the tale of Tellelorn spread like wildfire as an explanation for disappearing Edel.   Scholars believe Tellelorn to be the counterpart to the Huntress in Edel cultures, who represents the bounty of the woodlands rather than its dangers and treacherous paths. Despite this, the Otherfolk have no issues with believing in both, and Tellelorn's tale is spoken of to children as some distant fairy tale. It is used as a comfort for parents and children who have lost their loved ones to the woodlands, and hope their souls have joined Tellelorn's grove in peace.


The tale of Tellelorn is mostly known throughout the forest-Holds of the Wilder People, and little known in the Clanndom of Aedelwynn. Some Wilder People believe that sacrificing certain people to trees or drowning them in large lakes will open a passage to the 'Grove of Dreams', allowing them to enter its enclave.   Some say the Wyvernlords can communicate with Tellelorn through Glaerllywfen, which rests within the Golden Citadel of Uidhelian and overlooks the capital of Fen Caelora. Some claim all Wyvernlords are champions of Tellelorn, though this has never truly been confirmed.   Some extremists within the city believe such, however, and wish to reclaim the powers of Glaerllywfen to invade nearby tribes and Holds to increase their territories and reclaim lost glory. These extremists have tattooed the Burning Pine on their skins in bright red ink, and seek to oust the current Wyvernlord: Malassan Avi Mallorn.   Some Otherfolk also wish to conquer Dageraad and occupy it in order to recover the Gildtree, which they consider as their people's rightful possession, and are said to be planning a grand assault on the City of Dawn to avenge the wanton lumbering and poisoning of their river waters.


"Oak, Ash, Pine, Elm, Thorn."

Legends of An Faeranaur

“The mythic grove of Tellelorn can only be found when lost, or desperate.”

Date of First Recording
Older than the Fading Era.
Date of Setting
As old as Aedelfolk memory can go.
Related Ethnicities

Relics of Tellelorn:

It is said that the first Grove Warden left behind weapons made from Tellelorn's very branches, so that any who might be worthy of harnessing them could use these relics in the service of the Dreaming Tree.
  • The Martyr's Spear: A white hafted spear with a curved silver tip, said to be wielded by Sornion, Champion of Tellelorn.
  • The Warden's Bow: A root-woven white longbow paired with a quiver of silver arrows, the arrows are said to never miss.
  • The Dreamer's Shield: A wooden shield, barded in unknown metal. It lets who wields it step into the Dreaming Realm.

Tellelorn is an ancient myth, which may grant power to those who find her:
"Some do find the grove, or so they say. In exchange for their sworn oath, Tellelorn grants them powers beyond imagination. These oaths are spoken before the tree, and the greatest amongst them eat from the Dreaming Tree's fruit."
  • Oath of the Ancients, Oath of the Watchers.
Credit goes to: Jeremy Soule

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