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Dhabhuìc, Where the Stars Fell (Tuanai: [Dah-vik])

"Gul Nà Diafol - the Devil's Gullet", "Starfall Lake".


The lake town of Dhabhuìc is also known as the ‘city where the stars fell’. One hundred and fifty years ago, the skies wept and sent plummetting to the earth a shower of star stones. As the bloodiest battle in current history raged, one of these stars crashed into the River Dhabhuìc, and carved out a gigantic lake. The smoke, ash, and impact slew thousands, the sun went dark for weeks. The war would find its end soon afterwards, the angelic warriors of An Brenian massacred one after the other.
  Surrounding the fallen starstone, fishing villages would begin to form, then explorers, scholars and adventurers willing to examine the strange object. Life went on, for twenty years settlements amassed along the coast. The starstone summoned the curious, the weary, and the wealthy. From a few fishing hamlets, a town was born on the western coast. Then the land on the eastern bank began to change. Creatures were born twisted, the soil turned as black as volcanic ash. Nothing grew for miles on end. A curse had fallen on the vast plains of An Eoghan.
  By clannic decree, the warbands of Aedelwynn and architects from Dagdìomn and An Arwyn were sent to build a fortress capable of stifling the plagued land’s approach. They fashioned and adapted six smaller islands within the lake - what remained of old ruins that had survived the impact - into six large districts, the centermost becoming the seat of the newly founded city of Dhabhuìc.

Map of Dhabhuìc

Dhabhuìc, Where the Stars Fell
A lake-town forged after the fall of a star.


Dhabhuìc's demographics is mostly composed of humans, goliaths and half orcs migrants from the mountains north, half elves and the occasionnal centaur. With the recent arrival of Kasharrii merchants, and the ban on travel in and out of Aedelwynn, a small hundred or so Kasharrii citizens have set camp at the very bottom of the city.
  Local Population:   Foreigners:
  • Kasharrii Dragonsworn (Tieflings)
  • Kasharri Svartel (Mountain Dwarves)


The Earl: The city and tiardha of Dhabhuìc are held by the Mac Cuillin Sept, who owe fealty to the kingdom of An Eoghan. As such, it is led by an Earl appointed by the King of An Eoghan, who splits and delegates their authority between multiple Ealdorman and women.   The Chieftains Moot: Dhabhuìc makes use of the many Septs within and outside its walls to create a council of chieftains that governs the six isles of the city, and its coastal Old Town. The Earl decides, traditionally, who becomes the Ealdorman of each district, granting the 7 most influential Septs control over the 7 districts. The governors for these 7 districts/islands counsel the Earl in political matters. The reigning Earl does reserve the right to appoint, or not, said chieftains.   The Septs: Whilst each Ealdorman is officially decided by the Earl, contests amongst Septs do take place to decide who is the chieftain for each tribe. The laws and rituals of choosing the chieftains that will become the 7 districts are complex, numerous and personal. Only when a chieftain is chosen will the Earl approve their position as Ealdorman.
Blood Laws of Dhabhuìc:
Local Laws:
  • All littering in the lake is strictly prohibited, and will be likened to theft.
  • All littering in the streets is strictly prohibited, and will be likened to theft.
  • Spellcasters of any nature must register with the local Lodge quarters.
  • Dhabhuìc allows the Lodge to deal with crimes of arcane nature.
  • Trespassing within the Starfall Island is punishable by death or flogging.
  • Cattle theft is punishable through indentured servitude of 1 - 10 years.
  • Desecration of the floating gardens is punishable by death or flogging.

Industry & Trade

The Starfall Smithy and Dockyards: Ynys Rionnag has its own smithy, and marina, hosting roughly two dozen warships that can head out to sea through the river. The March Afon flagship, the Diamond is currently docked there. The blacksmith works exclusively for members of the Caerrionnag warband, and Lady Mebh herself. (The blacksmith is chosen after a contest held every five years to trial the current one.)  
  • The current master blacksmith is one Mistress Orlà, a half-orc smith who has kept her position for the past 15 years. Whilst she is de jure obligated to work solely for the Starfall garrison, she occasionally does aid those who prove of use to the city, by forging them weapons using starstone dust, giving them a rippling pattern across the blade/iron that is similar to Wootz steel.
  The Weary Buckler, is a tavern for the war veterans and soldiers of Dhabhuìc. The Shield Guard is particularly fond of the place, and when off duty, many warriors can be found spending some free time drinking or playing cards. The tavern is on the opposite side of the Lust of Darkness, one of Dhabhuìc’s more prestigious brothels and profits from the constant guard presence, as well as a steady stream of customers.  
  • The owner is an old Shield Guard captain, Tristan Aen Duine, and a local legend. He is Mebh’s old swordmaster, as well as Morgan’s mentor in the art of the arcane, having studied both under the Spakeart Lodge, and later enlisted as a knight in Dageirllaw. The Weary Buckler serves cooked meats, stews, broths and steamed vegetables. The drinks here are mostly honey and berry meads, stout thick ales produced locally, whisky and akvavit. People can sleep in the common room for 8 copper, after closing time. Otherwise, rooms are covered from 4 rime per night to 12 Rime per night.
  The Lust of Darkness is a prosperous and rather prestigious brothel, found on Shield Island. It profits from the constant guard presence, and the steady stream of customers the island provides. Recruits and experienced soldiers alike find comfort in the plentiful bosoms and tender arms of the women here. Aside from a few goblin incursions from the waste collection sewers, and the occasional brawl or intoxicated customer, the Lust is a rather pleasant place to be. The Lust is owned by Mistress Nightjar, she is a rare kind of half-elf, abyss dark of skin.   The Roaring Maiden is a rather affordable brothel whose central attraction is the name alone. It's cheap, though the quality tends to dip, and attracts many apothecaries/herbalists for all the wrong reasons. Still, anyone who seeks pleasure and fun can purchase themselves a comfortable night here. It is owned by Master Rig, known as 'Chief'.   The Old Anchor Inn is owned by Djena, a kasharrii dragonsworn refugee who inherited the home from her father and is in trouble due to the trade ban. She owes money to Derec Hywel, a banker and loan shark. She is originary from the migrants camp, and runs an underground fighting ring to make more ends meet, smuggling and fighting monsters for profit and money.   The Shifting Market is a congregation of many of the older, denser gardens that can still move, is held between Ynys Àrdanach and Cladach once a month, albeit more often in the early autumn. Forming canals through which people can row through, Locha farmers then sell their wares directly, as a kind of celebration. Fresh vegetables, baked goods and alcohol are sold here in bulk to people all across Dhabhuìc.


The City of Dhabhuìc is split into 7 official 'districts', with an unofficial 8th and 9th district that is not recognised on the city's government. Each district is governed by a Sept Chieftain/Ealdorman.
  • Ynys Rionnag - ‘The Starfall Isle’, central island of Dhabhuìc, where Lady Mebh holds court and many sept chieftains. Governed by Iarla Mac Cuillin & Lord Morgan Mac Domnall in Mebh's absence.
  • Ynys Sciath - ‘The Shield Isle’, easternmost island of Dhabhuìc, shaped like a crescent against the Ynys Briste. Protected by Nuala Nì Dhiarmaid, and her triumvirate of Shield Guard captains.
  • Ynys Àrdanach - ‘The Merchants Isle’, second southern island of Dhabhuìc, home to markets and brothels. Governed by Cìaran Mac Aodhan and an extensive council of guildmasters and merchants.
  • Ynys Cladach - ‘The Coastal Isle’, southernmost island of Dhabhuìc, home to fishermen, paupers and the main harbor. Governed by Eimear Nì Siobhan and secretly, the Chain.
  • Ynys Bara - ‘The Barrow Isle’, northernmost island of Dhabhuìc, home to an old temple converted into a graveyard. Governed by Cabhan Nì Tarna. It is a remote place, subject to affable rumours on behalf of the rest of the city.
  • Ynys Teallaigh - ‘The Hearth Isle’, westernmost island of Dhabhuìc, many inns and taverns, and it is mostly residential. Governed by Ruadhrì Mac Domnall, it is an area that is kept peaceful through the extensive Sept warband presence.
  • The Old Town - A gathering of cattle farmers and fishermen on the western shore of Dhabhuìc, effectively its main entry. Governed by Aoife Nì Niamh, whose influence extends to An Kerlahaad.

Guilds and Factions

Sept Factions
The following Septs, and their chieftain and families, live within Dhabhuìc and are often at odds, vying for control over various districts and trade matters:
  • March Afon Sept, with chieftain Iarla Mac Cuillin, the border lady's grandfather and local Sept leader. He lives in a large hall with his two remaining children and various grandchildren.
  • Mawr Brenna Sept, with chieftain Nuala Nì Dhiarmaid, a powerful An Brenian sept who gained tremendous power by marrying the newly crowned Ard Rì. It is said they have god blood.
  • Airgetfuil Sept, with chieftain Cìaran Mac Aodhan, who take protection money from many of the blacksmithing and silversmithing workshops across Dhabhuìc and Pontddwr.
  • Ard Varien Sept, with chieftain Ruadhrì Mac Domnall, who oversees waste collection. Outside of Dhabhuìc, they have little influence, however keep a close grip on the city’s cleanliness.
  • Sli Bheatha Sept, with chieftain Eimear Nì Siobhan, who make use of their vast connections to enforce a monopoly on importing banned goods. Front as ship protection, linked to the Chain.
  • Magnà Ban Sept, with chieftain Aoife Nì Niamh, an An Kerlahaad based sept whose reach extends to agriculture and cattle farming, their influence in the city is most from the Old Town.
  • Mac Tarna Sept, with chieftain Cabhan Nì Tarna, is a widespread sept of ghost hunters and gravekeepers. Cabhan herself is often absent, and Dhabhuìc is the only city to acknowledge this controversial and frightening Sept.

Influential Organisations
The following organisations are present throughout Dhabhuìc, and have considerable influence with the Chieftain's Moot, as well as the population:
The Church of the Divine Three is a continent-wide religious church which upholds the values and will of the Three Divines, the chosen Gods of Mankind who freed humanity from the clutches of the Elven Hegemony. It recognises lesser gods and local deities, however does not allow their public worship within the cities and Holds it has influence.
The Chain is a continent-wide criminal organisation that specialises in theft, fraud, bounty hunting, assassination contracts, drug trafficking, human trafficking and other nefarious acts. Usually members of the Chain gather at an area known as a Chain House, which is often under the cover of some other establishment (library, inn, shop, etc).
The Spakeheart Lodge is an important organisation of mages and wizards that closely monitor the arcane within the Kingdom of An Eoghan, the Kingdom of An Dalachain and the Kingdom of An Kerlahaad. They are closely tied to the King of An Eoghan, and as such benefit from many Blood Laws put in place to ensure arcane practices are enacted safely.

Points of interest

The center of Ynys Rionnag is Caerrionnag, the Starfall Keep, around which congregates the many local important peoples, and council members. Dozens of sept chieftains, important merchants, and the captains of the guards’ families live within Caerrionnag. Lady Mebh and her younger brother Morgan live within Caerrionnag itself. Morgan rules Dhabhuìc in her absence, while she is away dealing with Clannic business. Alongside them is a permanent personal warband of roughly 700 warriors, which man the walls of Caerrionnag.   The Dhabhuìc Lodge is present solely within Ynys Rionnag, and aids in the constant maintenance of the city. They are mostly interested in the unique atypical flora and fauna of the Fairsinge Briste, as well as providing arcane counsel to Lady Mebh and lord Morgan. They may sell magical or enchanted items, however at ridiculously high costs. Library access is acquired through patronage, referencing, or quests.   The Shieldwall is the slang for the Shield Guard’s main barracks, ramparts and guardhouse. The Shieldwall refers to the eastern ramparts, armed with ballistae and alchemical flame-throwers used to batter any abomination that would dare approach Dhabhuìc or the river beyond a certain border. The Shieldwall provides constant protection, until a certain point, to caravans headed for Pontddwr, and then further into An Brenian. Though they are rare, these caravans provide essential goods to the borderforts of Twroddu and Twrowyn.  
  • The Shieldwall is led by a triumvirate of warband leaders, called ‘captains’. Captain Aonghus, leader of the infantry and arcane guard. Captain Deirdre, leader of the cavalry and expeditionary guard. Captain Cathal, captain of siege and wall guard.
  The Newharbour is the central harbor for all ships coming in and out of Dhabhuìc. It is found on the western shore of Coastal Island, and is home to various ships from numerous origins. Its dockmaster is Master Norri, who is staunchly against Kasharrii coming to shore, and redirects ships to the Shattered Islands.   The Field of Graves is monitored by members of the Mac Tarna Sept, with much of the Sept using it both as training grounds and as a sacred temple with the An Eoghan Hold. It is a steep island that slopes upwards drastically, as if tipped to the side. Large rows of graves, barrows and cairns are scattered across this island.   The Temple of the Gatekeeper is a large old elven temple yet dedicated to one of the gods of men. This isn’t by mistake, and was one of the first attempts of converting the elvish people to the Divine Three during the Time of Reclamation of Reclamation. The elves of the Temple failed in their attempt, and sealed it shut. Only the caretaker can access it.   The Granny Ban’s Yard is a large house in the center of the Old Town, home to Aoife Nì Niamh of the Magna Bàn, a rigid old strumpet who oversees the floating gardens and agricultural integrity of Dhabhuìc. Her house is also known as the Two Bulls, due to the two large auroch skulls that lay at the front of the house’s porch. Granny Ban rarely sees any visitors except during official Sept Meetings, and special occasions.

Additionnal Detail

An image of Caerrionnag, Starfall Keep.

Founding Date
1135 P.R
Alternative Name(s)
Starfall Lake, the Devil's Gullet, The Western Shield
Large town
Between 12,000 and 15,000 people
Additional Rulers/Owners
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization


The City of Dhabhuìc is built on top of the 6 remaining islands left after the fall of a meteor during the Night of Fallen Stars. The meteor struck a river that snaked through the fallen ancient Edel ruins of a long bygone city, creating a massive lake in its wake. As such, the people of Dhabhuìc rely on numerous methods of transportation and various innovative methods of infrastructure to survive.
Gaìrdinì Locha: Due to the hostile expanse of the Shattered Lands to its east, and the dangerous wilderness to its west, Dhabhuìc had to resort to a unique method of agriculture throughout its 120 year of history. Floating gardens made from reeds naturally produced in Thenkawennigg and on the lake’s western shores. These gardens feed much of the city’s local population in grown vegetables and attract fish. Clannic and Kasharrii goods are imported by sea or caravan. Many Locha farmers also live on these floating gardens, allowing them to directly tend to them, the denser gardens have been transmitted from generation to generation over the last 120 years.
Traveling across Dhabhuìc: Citizens of Dhabhuìc may cross the city by one of two ways. Either using the mile-long bridges that seperate each island, taking various amounts of hours to weave and snake through the crowds of merchants, inhabitants and performers amassed on their surface. Any citizen without a personal barge/dinghy either uses the bridges by foot or cart, or they make use of public transport through lacustrine barges. These barges are piloted and guarded by members of the Lacustrine Guard. Regardless of distance, taking one of these public barges costs 2 rimes, or silver pieces. Different barges have different times, ferry routes and stops along the islands' coasts.
Waste Collection: Dhabhuìc’s waste collection is extremely important to keep the lake clean. Urine is sold to tanners and cloth dyers, any waste is ground into manure, which is fed to gaìrdinì locha to produce local food. As a result, Dhabhuìc is incredibly clean, both the lake and the city streets & bridges. Littering has the same punishment as thievy in the city. Dhabhuìc has an extensive sewer system, created from the repurposed elven ruins below each island. Guards are posted throughout these sewer systems to ensure their cleanliness and well functionning.

Guilds of Dhabhuìc

These are congregations of artisans that have been created to protect the interests of craftsmen and workers when faced with various syndicates, or newly applied Blood Laws within Dhabhuìc.

  • The Dockworker’s Gathering, led by Guildmaster Conor;
  • The Leather Workers and Tanner’s Guild, led by Guildmaster Colm;
  • The Prestigious Locha’s Guild, led by Guildmaster Gràinne;
  • The Collector’s Collective, led by Guildmaster Eanna;
  • The Entertainment Association, led by Guildmaster Caitlin;
  • The Dharrow & Hywel Counting House, owned by Guildmaster Dharrow;

Inns & Taverns of Dhabhuìc

"Stay a while and listen."

The Lion’s Crown, modest inn: 5 rime/day (stay), 3 rime/day (meal) owned by Bairre, a half-elven rotund man, with a penchant for strong liquor and homebrewed alcohol;   The Unready Explorer, modest inn: 5 rime/day (stay), 3 rime/day (meal) owned by Liam, a brooding human with a penchant for dramatic reenactments and a fondness for theater;   The Blooming Bow, comfortable inn: 8 rime/day (stay), 5 rime/day (meal) owned by Tyrfaerd, a half elven woman who has spent generations slowly, and carefully building her establishment;   Heads on a Platter, comfortable inn: 8 rime/day (stay), 5 rime/day (meal) owned by Eoghan, a dwarven clansman that provides foreign food. Due to the trade ban, his business is going down;   The Amber Enclave, comfortable inn: 8 rime/day (stay), 5 rime/day (meal) owned by Agravain, an elderly human in constant rivalry with others in his guild, uses cutthroat methods too often;

Shops & Artisans

The Spakeart Emporium, owned by Lodged-Aligned “Devoted” Brennan, a short, stocky human wizard that has a strong penchant for bodybuilding and physical labor. (Low grade magic items).   Mikkli’s Baked Goods, owned by Mikkli, a thin half-orc whose hatred for most baked pastries and desserts pushed her to open her own shop and show people how its done. (Food!)   Nature’s Wrath, owned by Erwann, an An Brenian herbalist whose original purpose was the study of plants from the Shattered Expanse. (Herbalist goods, ingredients, components).   The Wayward Hero, owned by Arnwen, an old elvish adventurer who decided to retire somewhere new. He offers basic supplements to novice explorers. (Common Goods).   Cleo’s Woodworks, owned by a huntress called Cleo who began making furniture and moved onto woodworking in general to pass the time. (Bowery, woodworks, furniture, wooden shields, staffs).   The Frowning Knight, owned by Celegon & Eryn, a young half elven couple who make musical instruments of all sorts. Celegon makes the bulk of the design, whilst Eryn refines its edges. Celegon is currently working on a weird string box. (Music instruments).

The Warbands of Dhabhuìc

A warband awaits further orders.

The Lacustrine Guard: Guardsmen that protect and maintain Dhabhuìc’s floating gardens (gaìrdinì locha), preventing damage and keeping them solid. They also wrestle with crime on water banks and regulate barge traffic across the city. The Lacustrine Guard helps protect the Locha farming families, the marina, and the public barges that row across the lake.   The Shield Guard: Warband that man’s Ynys Sciath, surveys the Fairsinge Briste either by going out on expeditions or by studying it from afar. They are the standing army of Dhabhuìc, and are personally trained by Lady Mebh’s elite guard to protect the city from any abominable incursions, and otherfolks. Recruits are sent as caravan guards to Pontddwr.   The Magna Bàn Fianna: Warband under the direct control of the Magna Bàn Sept, who obey the orders of their chieftain, Aoife Nì Niamh. Their purpose is mostly to keep peace within the Old Town, and to protect the farmers and caravans that head westwards to Dagdìomn. The Magna Bàn Fianna is the third largest warband in Dhabhuìc, some of which also fight in the Shield Guard.   The March Afon Fianna: Warband that mans the walls of Caerrionnag. Their ensignia is a shooting star over a flaming field, which their wear proudly over their tartan tabards as a sign of prestige. The members of this warband represent a chosen few from the many other militia and guardsmen across Dhabhuìc and its tiardha. They are given the chance to learn magic, and use arcane tools to defend the center of the city.

Darker Secrets Linger...

Gul Nà Diafol: There exists deep beneath the soil of Dhabhuìc a sprawling, ruined city. The people of Dhabhuìc call it "Gul Nà Diafol", or the Devil's Gullet. It is a taboo thing to speak of, and many citizens refuse to acknowledge its existence until a crack in the lake, or in their cellar inevitably leads into its devilish depths. The Devil’s Gullet is not a myth, many tunnels do emerge from time to time in silver mines, though what dwells deep within is heavily debated. It is a winding set of tunnels that very well could continue into the centre of the earth, for all the inhabitants know.   The Pactmaker's Maze: The Temple descends into the depths of the island, in a twisting, spiraling maze to lose tomb raiders from robbing. No one knows what lies at the bottom, except Cabhan. It is said, however, that should one find its center, one can attempt a Pact with the Lord of the Dead. Not many have accomplished this feat, and the maze itself is haunted with one's very own twisted nightmares and desires. Some have tempted their fate, forewarned by the caretaker of the Temple; others have tried to sneak in, hoping to find treasure. None have returned sane, or alive.
Credit goes to: Sarah Schachner.

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