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An For-Móire, the 'Second Settlers' (Ancient Ferdian: [᚛ᚃᚑᚋᚑᚏᚐᚔᚌᚆ᚜])

"Sons and Daughters of Ice, Rime and Wrath"

Rime, Wrath, Frost and Ice.

"Of all the creatures that walk the land and seas, none are more fascinating than An For-Môire. Colloquially referred to as 'accursed giants', it is believed they are the brothers of both An Tuana and An Fir-bholg, like different branches from a same tree. Not much is known of how else they came to be, though it is believed that when all ferdian kin were born, these turned to the depths of the seas, and the frost of the skies, claiming all of Aedelwynn as theirs, and assigning a hierarchy at which they were the top. The Fir revolted against the For-Môire, and took their little brothers with them, far away from the elders of storm and seas. In revenge, the frost giants turned to darker arts, and took to the northern seas, building castles of black rock and sharp towers on the edge of the world. There come times when they sail south on giant ships, plunging the northern shores of Aedelwynn into slaughter and war."
- A history of Ferdian Kin, Volume I: For-Môire.


An For-Môire are Ferdian kin, born from frost, cold and savagery. An Fir and For-Môire claim to be related, though one has mastery over dreams and flame, whilst the others are tyrants of death and ice. The For-Môire are the tallest of the Ferdian kin, and as such presume they rule over their smaller, 'little brothers', as well as their territories and peoples. Their appearance is rare enough for many folks to claim them as myth or legend. Peoples with longer memories remember frightening undead hordes announced by harrowing drums and thick blizzards that devoured everything on their way. Despite their rabid reputation, and the otherworldly terror they represent, there is a cold otherworldly logic, to the madness and terror they bring, similar to An Sidhe.
Much of what is recorded below may not be true, little interaction has occured with this species, and what was understood could have either been misinterpreted, or heavily biased in the favour of An For-Môire raiders and rulers...

Basic Information


An For-Môire tend to be humanoid looking, ranging from 15 - 25ft tall on average, with the tallest and largest of them reaching a staggering 50ft tall. The For-Môire resemble statuesque figures made from frost and ice, their skins take tones of white, blue and blacks. Their eyes bear neither pupils, nor eye whites and can range from light blue to pitch black.   Their visages tend to be angular, bearing thick facial hair that is often white, grey or black, without any lips and sharp aquiline noses. Their brow is quite prominent, with furious brows that shield their vision from blizzards and snows. They also have a second set of eyelids to defend themselves from wind and weather. The For-Môire's frame is often lithe, wirey, and lankey, with little need for fat layers to guard against the cold.   Much like whales, it is believed they are capable of holding their breath for long periods of time, and are swift when wading in or beneath water, albeit they are not 'designed' for deep ocean pressure, hence their need for ships. The For-Môire are natural swimmers, and often hide in snow or beneath the water's surface, they use surprise tactics to raid other Ferdian kin and hunt down large prey such as aurochs, dire wolves and orcas.

Genetics and Reproduction

All observed An For-Môire have shown typical masculine traits, though their number likely implies the presence of female For-Môire as well. If these people's brother-species are anything to go by, reproduction must be rather similar, however the gestation period might last up to half a decade. Nobody is quite sure, and none have bothered to really discover this.

Ecology and Habitats

Cold places are favored by An For-Môire, as well as areas with close access to the seas. They thrive in the frigid wastelands of the northernmost tips of Aedelwynn, the very top of mountains and the arctic ice fields of the Rimereach, beyond the continent's borders and across the Ghastly Expanse. They have no need for flame and fire, and tend to shun the Sun.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The main diet of An For-Môire seems to be entirely carnivorous, usually implying large herds of whales, marine life, and fish. An For-Môire fishermen herd whales, orcas and dolphins like a shepherd does cattle, and some may tame sea serpents or behirs for sustenance, or to ride into battle. Those raiders who have attacked Aedelwynn are not beneath devouring An Tuana or their smaller 'brothers' An Fir-bholg. Some think they simply live off of snow and ice.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Found north of Aedelwynn, beyond the northern Pallid Sea in castles of slick black stone and spiralling towers. Some tribes of An For-Môire are reputed to have taken residence within the Ginnunting Mountains, claiming ancestry from Thryym the 'Cloud Breaker'. There are rumours that these tribes join orcs and ogres during the winter to raid and plunder unwary townships, ravaging the wilds at their leisure. Others seem to have created kingdoms beneath the waves, ruling over An Muerrow with an iron fist.

Average Intelligence

An For-Môire are capable of speech, philosophy, art, and warfare. They forge their own tools out of an ore found only in the depths of mountains, and have a complex hierarchical society that is only truly understood by those of their kind. The Ferdian language has its roots in their dialect, and much of the An Tuana Clanna's nobility takes inspiration, albeit diverging in some major aspects, from the For-Môire method of governance.

Civilization and Culture

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Respect for the Seas: An For-Môire have a tendency to respect the presence of Lachlanna, striking only where there are none to be found. They will also accept to duel any who they deem worthy of their blades, creating a square around the two combatants, which can be quite a sight for the unnaccustomed. Dueling customs tend to be to the death, and it has been noted that For-Môire sing their deeds during combat, which comes across as a rippling, sharp chant which has the added effect of distracting/disturbing their foe.
None Greater Than Aindec'h: Hierarchy is everything to An For-Môire, and should a chieftain present themselves to these giants, they will grant them the respect they deserve, though make their intentions clear. If a chieftain, of any tribe, invites a raiding party of For-Môire to speak, it is often true that these will accept so long as said leader can prove he is worthy of their respect in their eyes. A cruel practice tends to be to slaughter hostages before the chieftain/king, any show of emotion might betray the lack of 'honour' these Ferdian kin seek to begin their blood shed.
The Eternal Guard: Necromancy comes naturally to An For-Môire, and as such they make great use of it to man and serve their abyssal castles, and guard their hordes deep in the wending whites of the far north. It is believed that warriors and raiders who have been slain in battle or during raids, and whose bodies can be recovered, are raised again back home to serve as undying servants of An For-Môire people. Some claim that this 'Eternal Guard' composes the very elite of the For-Môire army.


Pseudo-History of An For-Môire:
Betrayed by their brothers, the For-Môire's grand kingdom was ground into dust for the profit of the Edel and the current peoples of Aedelwynn. Pushed back north after this defeat, one returned with plans to avenge his fallen brethren. This For-Môire was Thryym the "Cloud Breaker", Prince of the Second Settlers, who beseeched an ancient power and was rewarded beyond measure. Thryym began to restore the land of Auld Delwi as it should have been, and granted great boons upon his followers, he conquered great swathes of land, and grasped power.   As a benevolent ruler, he claimed kingship over his brethren, yet once again was betrayed by his younger brothers and sisters! Thryym was slain once again by the peoples of Aedelwynn, and entombed by the Traveller King deep into the mountain's crust where his body lies in torment, shaking the earth with pain. Since then, the For-Môire have sought revenge on the Aedelfolk for their arrogance and betrayal, taking the lives of these people, as is their right, and seeking to reclaim their agonizing Prince's body.

Information, Supernatural Powers & Miscelleaneous

The Water Ghost by Alfred Kubin

"They come at night, sail through frozen seas and create walkways made from ice and salt. They slay our cattle, they take our people, they kill our men. Then back into the night they go, leaving only shambling corpses for us to contend with, or be devoured by..."

Scientific Name
Giants, Ferdians
Born of the snow and seas, they emerged from the depths to conquer 'Auld Delwi.'
Roughly 250 years
Average Height
4.5 meters to 7.6 meters.
Average Weight
3,600 kg.
Average Physique
Ectomorphic, lithe and swift.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
White, sea-black, blue and dark blues. Usually scarrified ritualistically, rarely tattooed for lack of ingredients.

Supernatural Capacities
"The For-Môire are a myth, lad, like drakes and gobs, they're just there to scare young children. Are you a boy? No, I thought not, now go to sleep."

Masters of Ice & Death: An For-Môire seem to be gifted in manipulating ice, storms, and water innately around them, capable of creating impressive structures of black ice, and hardened storm. The weapons and blades of these giantkin are often forged from 'Haern Oer' (iron ice), ice that has been fashioned in uncertain ways, which are particularly effective against An Sidhe, An Edel, and fiends. The Helfeirch Taibhse will do anything to get their hands on weapons made from this lightweight, frigid metal.
  Necromancy also comes to them more naturally than others, allowing raiders, warriors and warlocks to raise their victims and force these tormented souls to do their bidding, or resurrect large beasts to serve as hunting companions. It is believed by Astòr that the For-Môire have found a way to corrupt the Spirits of the Land to do this; though the method of how is still uncertain.
The Gift of Prophecy: Certain For-Môire are born with the gift of prophecy, allowing them to foretell the future with disturbing accuracy, albeit much of their auguries require extended deep meditation, some manner of blood sacrifice, as well as a capacity to interpret these disturbing visions. Prophets of the For-Môire become akin to Astòr in their cultures, claiming when it is best to cross the Ghastly Expanse, and where it is best to strike. They gain positions of power amongst their people, sometimes supplanting official leaders in influence and power. That said, in return they may never speak a lie, which is a peculiar bargain that appears in numerous folk tales about the iceborn giants.
Credit goes to: Travis Savoie

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