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Aedelwynn - The Land of the Free

27/11/1260 PR

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Silent like a slumbering beast, lies the Land of Aedelwynn. Surrounded by storming seas and oceans of starlight, the Frozen Flower rests silently, dead, and dour. Its back is covered in large barren swathes of tundra, matted by thick mystical primeval forests so thick, the light of the bleak sun above cannot pierce their boughs. Great mountains erupt from its frigid surface, like the spines of a dragon, snow capped and filled with beasts lurking deep within.   Hostile, and unkind, this land is. In its bleak, squall beaten beauty, many people find shelter around hearths deep within keeps of wood and stone. They keep to the light, far away from the shadows where the giants, the wolves, the faefolk and the living corpses dwell. They tell tales of people long gone, whose monuments still stand, though now broken and sodden. They hide close to lachlanna, the remnants of pagan and heathen Gods whom these ancient folk worshipped.   In their ruins, from the ancient ones' stones, and against all odds, the Aedel survive, build and thrive. They brave the cold, and the frost, and the days of sunless night to carve out a life of themselves. They formed clans, then kingdoms, then shed the blood of their brothers and fathers, mourned the deaths of their siblings, feeding the silent land they have called their home: Aedelwynn, Edelin, Auld Delwi.
Author's Note:
Aedelwynn is a world inspired off of Breton folklore, with elements of celtic, slavic and inuit mythology; divided between the noble clans and houses of men, and the 'otherfolk': anybody who refuses the laws of the Clans. It is an ancient land, full of creatures who shun the light of pyres and prefer the dark depths of the woodlands, and clutch onto ruins or what remains of fallen empires. It is a land where Gods are born and ascend; where wars are waged; where cultures clash, mingle, procreate and divide; but more importantly it is a land full of legends, myth and heroes. Its been a personal project of mine for quite some time, so do enjoy reading through its thick forest-countries, barren tundras, and listening to the songs of old legends battle for honour, or love, or country and glory.