Chronicle of the Exodus

Record of the voyage to the New World


The Chronicle of the Exodus is the personal journal of Maximus Hojo during the Exodus from the Old World during the Night of Blood. It is one of the only surviving accounts of the start of the First Great War aside from the Terror of Our Loath. It is considered a significant and holy document in many faiths, but none more than in Xinism. This is because it contains the written account of Saint Alexander Hojo's sacrifice for all Vabukind.   Maximus was a historian turned explorer by circumstance and brother of Alexander, his destiny forever intertwined with the fate of his friend and hero. His interest in history and the recording thereof would lead him to carry the burden of accounting for the history that would take place for the century long war and beyond. The chronicle itself accounts for the journey away from Port Larga across the Liberty Sea and the first few decades on the New World.


The Voyage

The journal begins during the Night of Blood when the Devilers, used the Lights of the New Year to break through their dimensional barrier. The first entry, which is where the journal gets its most fame from, describes in detail the encounter between Saint Alexander and the dark forces. It also describes the appearance of the Archangels of Existence that came down in his place alongside the other gods and their armies.   From there, the journal describes the journey of the fleet of ships and all the many miracles that occurred on the voyage. The gods gave the refugees gifts of unspoiled food, good fishing enterprise, and most of all stories and tales sung and told by the various angels to help entertain the survivors during the quietest of nights.   These stories were recorded in great detail by Maximus in this journal, which has allowed invaluable stories about the Fairies and the Elves to become immortalized in writing that has allowed many future historians and theologians to examine and reference for many many years to come.  

The Landfall

The date of when vabuians made it to the New World was able to be recorded only by the meticulous attention to time that Maximus had. The first encounters with the wild began Julyia 11th, 0 DGW, and the trails and tribulations of the first settlers were also recorded. The journal became at this point less of a personal journal and more of a known historical account of the settlers. Maximus would be called to witness events people thought of great importance (such as the founding of the Godester Empire), and to accompany explorers on great expeditions as more historians took up the mantle of recording the history of the settlement.  

The Rise and Demise

The last few entries of the chronicle detail the beginning of conflict and strife within the country, specifically relating to those who would migrate north to what is now known as the Aquaster Kingdom as well as the war versus the tribes of Gaia.   The last entries detail strange accounts of angels that would fall from the sky and pretend to be ordinary people, worrying about a war in heaven and that vabukind might be doomed. While on an expedition, it was said he was killed in a freak accident. No one knows truly what happened to Maximus, but many people have theories on his true fate.
Journal, Personal
Authoring Date
Aprin 29th, 1 BGW

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