Arc of the Covenant


The Arc of the Covenant is the name for both the commands of Xin about the world of Vabu and the purpose of man, and the actual giant boulder of obsidian it was engraved on. Relatively speaking, the words were engraved on a magically indestructible and immovable obsidian stone that was 124 meters high, 55 meters across, and 88 meters deep. Boulder simply doesn't cut it.   Being the source of all purpose, it is the foundation of which religion and governance was made, and the very words used to construct their language, Chaoxin. A relic of biblical importance, the stone is a central, magical object that is considered sacred by all, and owned by none, the common heritage of man.


The Arc of the Covenant was created to guide and direct the vabuians and be the focal point of their knowledge and purpose. The prose is artful, especially for being the first recorded use of language, but it is abstract and interpretations diverged from one another because of that fact.
Decree, Religious
Signatories (Organizations)

Cover image: Adventures of Zack The Great world cover by Zack Hopkins-DeMerchant


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