World Codex


  • Continent of Durol
    The northern most continent of the three that are considered the 'Lands of Ascension', the land of Durol is a land of thick temperate woodlands, marshes, hilly fens that transition into heavy and massive mountain ranges and boreal forests sprawling out into tundra lowlands. Like all the continents, a great many regions remain places of darkness and forgotten dangers. Even with the age of steam and sky-ship, the push of civilization to re-expand, resettle and take back what they lost in the Sundering of the world is a slow one.

    The great mountain ranges of Suranth, mineral and ore rich as they are, are but barely tapped into, because those highlands are exceedingly dangerous, filled to the brim with all manner of beast or monster, greenskins, joten and far worse. Some of those lands are still void tainted. The same is true of some of the deepest and thickest parts of the forests and marshes as well. Those kingdoms that hold sway here have the means to cleanse such evils, but are cautious by nature, for such endeavors are exceedingly expensive in coin, people, resources, time, and are exceedingly risky. So without being absolutely sure there will be value to be had, they aren't inclined to do so directly.

    Three of the nine nations that make up these 'Lands of Ascension' are upon the Continent of Durol. They are;

    Suranth, the Tundra Realms

    Depenwood, the Endless Boreal

    Raechin, the Hunting Highlands