The Tundra Council

The elected governing body of Suranth, the Tundra Council numbers thirty-six members, though the High King (or Queen's) vote and voice counts as two meaning the number of 'votes' in a council vote is thirty-seven, insuring there can never be a tie. This council is made up sixteen high ranking nobles, or more commonly, their hand picked representative, and sixteen elected officials, one from each of the defined Connighclanns, ancient clan holds representing the original groups of the Tundra Realms whom came together before the Sundering to forge a nation, their memory still honored. The rest of the seats are reserved for;
  • The Knight Commander of the Storm-Lancers, the highest ranking military officer in all of Suranth.
  • The Storm-Father of the Kartheartian Church, the highest ranking religious official in all the country.
  • Arch-Magister of the Geata Collegiate, the highest ranking magister in the country.
  • Along with the High King or Queen, naturally, whom rounds out the council's numbers.

  • The elected positions have a ten year term limit, and you can only serve one term. This limitation exists because when he designed it, High King Cormac believed it was very important to avoid creating a permanent political caste at a federal level. He also believed a single long term made the most sense, to avoid political games and false promises or rhetoric. You only get elected once and can be forced out by non-confidence votes from those in the region you represent at five years if they feel you have not done well enough. This is done quite rarely, but in the two hundred and fifty years that the council has existed, it has happened twice.

    The council meets twice a week, for an entire day, to discuss matters of state, and when required, debate and vote on suggested and presented legislative matters, proposed laws, trade agreements and other matters of national importance.
    Governmental, Senate/Parliament


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