Skye Elves

Elves of the Skye, we stand against and reject those of a fallen kindred, the Elves of the Night!

Basic Information


The Skye Elves, one of the two elven races, whom diverged long ago, embraces strength and spirit above all. They are holy folk, seeing it as their task to stand firm and make right an ancient wrong so that they can be forgiven by ancient allies. Long ago, a great cataclysm split their people, the Void yanking hard on the souls of those whom had become lost in great excess and sin of all kinds. The Night Elves, as they are now known, are a scourge, an ancient evil, one the Skye Elves take personally. Unlike their cousins of the Woad, most Skye Elves embrace a very hardline opinion of magick, similar to the rest of Valerian society. This of course leads to some.....clashes of opinion amongst the two cousin races. Skye elves are very tall and lithe, as are all elves. Skye elves tower however, averaging some 7'6" tall, and weight only about 220 lbs on average.

Size Though tall, elves still count as Medium

Common Hair Colors Gold, Amber, Yellow, Silver, Copper

Common Eye Colors Black, Brown, Grey, Green, Gold, Silver, Turqoise

Stat Adjustments +1 Power, +1 Agility, +1 Sagacity, -1 Toughness. Like all elves, the Skye Elves are a bit frail, and very nimble. However the Skye Elves are also quite surprisingly strong for their build, along with a wisdom and willpower about them.

Movement Score Elves move at a speed of 40 feet

Training Skye Elves are known for traditions of sky riding with a great variety of beasts and mounts, though a pegasus is quite standard. They start play with Bow Training, Cavalry Training, and Medium Armor Training

Languages Valerian and Elthain, the shared language of both cousin elf races.

Racial Traits

Second Sight All Elves are blessed with the Second Sight, able to see the weaves of manna as they flow. They start play with the Aethyr Sight Talent

Sleep Immunity All elves are immune to sleep effects, elves do not truly sleep, they enter a meditative state, but are still aware to the world around them.

Saddle-Born Similarly to the Mogol peoples, the Skye Elves too are born and raised to learn to ride, though most mounts they are learning to ride are capable of flight. Ride is always a Profession skill to them.

Strong-Willed Skye Elves are stubborn, driven and willful bunch. Skye Elf characters always have the Momentum when trying to shrug off any sort of mind influencing or charm type effects.

Night Vision: Skye Elves have a sharp sense of sight and even at night seem not to struggle with their vision. Unlike any race without this trait, Skye Elves are not rolling against the Momentum when making Awareness checks at night or in the dark.

Growth Rate & Stages

Elves live around 450 years on average, and as such, culturally are similar to the dwarves in the way they percieve and culturally approach age and their views of childhood and the rest. See the table below.

Childhood Youth Middle Age Old Age Ancient
0-90 years old 91-230 years old 231-340 years old 341-440 years old 441+ years old

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Like all races they can be found in some count all across the continent, though their ancestral homeland of Valewyr is where they are most numerous.

Cultural Perks (Optional)

Valewyr City Born Raised amongst the cities of your people, you learned tact and diplomatic poise. Persuade is always a Profession skill option for you even if not on your Profession list.

Valewyr Rural Born Navigating the highland plateaus and thick wooded and scrubland valleys be it on foot or mount, is a test of acrobatics and balance, one you mastered growing up. Atheletics is always a Profession skill for you even if not on Profession list.

Valewyr Cutter You grew up in the criminal underworld of your homeland, engaging in all manner of...'tasks' that involved getting away with various levels of inflicting violence. Be it beatings, sending a message or cold blooded murder, you always got away and your marks never saw you coming. Subterfuge is always a Profession skill for you even if not on the your Profession list.

Foriegn Raised You were born and raised outside Valewyr, perhaps never having even seen your ancestral homeland. You may pick a perk from another race's list.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Elven naming traditions, across both subsets of elves, are long and complex, a rhythm and pulse of the world. Example names given below can be used by either subset almost interchangeably, just as those within the Woad Elf Codex can be as well. Elves have no real concept of gendered naming, and thus given names can be given to anyone, male or female.

Example Given Names: Aramil, Hadarai, Ivellios, Sariel, Thia

Example Family Names and Common Tongue Translations: Amakiir (Gemflower), Nailo (Nightbreeze), Zastriel (Starborn), Yigvastil (Sunblessed)

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Opinion on Woad Elves our cousins of the wylde see much yet they sometimes seem more concerned with their precious 'balance' than with the living folks around them. They seem to prefer the company of beasts and plants over people,

Opinion on Humans They claim some great and notable differences, but to elven eyes they are all very similar, with similar and simple mannerisms. This is not to sound as a sleight, for it makes them rather remarkably reliable friends and allies despite their seemingly wild and indecisive nature. One merely needs to keep them....engaged. They are a very task oriented species.

Opinion on Tanturs Very similar to humans, despite the vast difference in size, lifespan and build, they have a similar, mindset, needing to be kept busy.

Opinion on Halfmen: The tricky short folk oft seem to pack far to much greed in their lives. One should always keep an eye on their valuable when halflings are about. And perhaps a spare hand on their weapon of choice.

Opinion on Gnomes Excellent and inventive little tinkerers, with a sharp and brilliant mind, capable of true marvels of mechanics and engineering. They are staunch allies to us, and their home nation is one of our favored trade partners.

Opinion on Dwarves They hold a grudge, one cannot say they don't, however by and large now the dwarven folk know what happened. Though they likely still do not fully trust us, despite that. Our two races spent the better part of half a century or more in open war
Age Randomizer 90+10d10 years old
Average Height
7'6" or 2.3 meters. Randomizer= 7'3"+1d6 inches or 2.2 meters+3d6 centimeters
Average Weight
220 lbs or 100kgs on average. Randomizer=200+4d10lbs or 90+2d10 kgs.


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