Pyromantic Bond

"Each of the eight currents of manna effects magisters in a variety of ways beyond how the orders choose to dress and carry themselves. The art and skill of channeling and manipulating manna, wielding it within and through your own body will effect you. These phenomenon are known as Imprinting or Bonding. There is naught to do about it, it is not a medical condition or a stumbling of the mind. It is the growth of a magister, and one you will all have to naturally accept, similar to puberty, eventually. It is the natural way of things for those of us so blessed and burdened to wield such power. So with that in mind, let us discuss how it effects us, the observations of practioners of magick far more skilled and knowledgeable than we will ever hope to be, so we can all come to understand what awaits. We will start with those of you whom have been marked for the Ruby, those whom clearly have the Pyromantic Bond within the Aether."

First Arcanist Theresa Lindlewood, giving the introductory lecture to the a hall of several dozen newly marked magister hopefuls in the Academia of Octi, the largest campus of the Magisterium, in the city of Valenwood.

Magisters of the Ruby Order, like any magister, has a period in their education where they are not true magisters in the legally defined sense. A time where they cannot legally wield magick without supervision and assistance from a fully licensed member of the order. This frame of time can vary from individual to individual, and this is the timeframe where they grow and learn to embrace their intimate relationship with Doitean and come to grips with how this effects them.


The Pyromantic Bonding manifests in a variety of ways, the effects of Doitean upon the mortal soul and psyche well documented, the methods and techniques employed by magisters of this order are developed and passed from magister to apprentice in response to these effects. Everything from dietary choices, training methods, discipline and behavior, it all plays a role. This is because this bonding, this 'coming of age' for a magickally intuned individual exercises a great deal of influence upon their person physically, emotionally and even physiologically;

Physical Changes

Those whom experience a Pyromantic Bond exhibit two immediately noticeable physical changes. The first is a near permanent tan to their skin, along with a complete inability to burn under the sun. Even in polar climes, in the dead of winter, a pyromancer will have a tan as if they have been visiting a tropical climate for weeks. Their eyes will also exhibit the bonding, the fire within them, seeming to gain an outer ring around the iris that has a color and tone like smoky ash, though lighting up to a near ruby crackling flame like tone when in the throes of spell weaving.

Besides these two changes that all Pyromancers experience, they may experience one or more other more minor ones worth mentioning below;

  • Slight charcoaling of fingernails, as if ever so slightly in a flame

  • A deepening/mixing of hair color, a reddish hue becoming somewhat present

  • A lack of any scars forming from incidents of burns, scalding, or other heat based injuries.

  • In some cases, a change in taste, dietary in nature, leaning more towards the extreme ends of spicy and sour foods and flavors by preference

Emotional Changes

This is less easy to define well, other than to say those so marked with a Pyromantic Bond, they see their passion, the strength of their raw emotions increased, and this is directly tied to their ability to properly weave magick. Doitean is passion. It is high octane, high energy, passion and explosive power. An assertiveness, arguably even aggressiveness, to their approach in almost all things in life will become present. They are incapable of doing anything at half effort, they are always all in, fully invested, and seemingly incapable of burnout or simmering down. This explains the necessity of the near militant like training pyromancers go through of course, for they need to learn to keep this heightened state of their existence, this new tier of their emotions which can now inflict very real mass damage, in check. They need to be in control at all times, even when choosing to let go and unleash Doitean in all the fury and power they can muster.

You have done well to learn to control yourself, young Meriel, very well indeed. Your emotional control and ability to exert a truly iron grip upon yourself does you credit. However, with the way we raise and train apprentices within the Ruby Order, that part is to be expected, worthy of only mentioning in passing and not a full congratulations. For you see, now that you have mastered the control so well as to let me strike you without showing even a slight flicker of anger manifesting as movement in the Aether, that means you are ready for the next stage of your training. The hardest part, The part where you learn how to be in control, while simultanieously letting go!!!!"

Pyromancer Ren'valin All'sheera, speaking to her apprentice.

Physiological Changes

Pyromancers experience a number of physiological changes upon fully realizing their pyromantic bond. The two most notable, experienced by every pyromancer all across Valerick are a vastly increased need for calories, their body seeming to literally burn food at near double the rate it used to. The second is a notable spike in body temperature compared to others of their species, gender and age. Pyromancers seem to be magickally altered by their connection, their body temperature on average sitting at levels that for most other regular peoples, would begin to effect organ function and blood flow in a negative way. They do feel this, and feel warm to the touch to those around them, even seeming to radiate a slight heat, which increases whenever they are in the throes of spell-weaving.

This does create a unique mental effect in many pyromancers, where they seem to despise regular medics, or seeking medical treatment from anyone but a magister of the Diamond or Emerald Orders, only because most other health care sorts would be confused and think they had a fever, seeking to treat it, or wasting time trying to track down the non-existent source. Finally, this does seem to effect their sleeping patterns. Though Pyromancers do still need as much time as anyone else for the benefits of a proper long rest, they only need to sleep about two to three hours of that time period.

As a Subclass {5e}

A Magister who ends up of the Ruby Order when they make that decision at 1st level, in addition to proficiency in Intelligence and Wisdom Saves, also chooses to gain proficiency in one of the following three; Strength Saves, Dexterity Saves or Constitution Saves.

Furthermore they gain an extra proficiency in a skill, choosing between Athletics or Acrobatics.

Finally, Pyromancers all have resistance to Fire Damage.

Cover image: Pyromancer by Keon Croucher


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