Privateers of Faith {Captain Black Jeremiah}

We are the defenders of trade, of the sea, but of fair and open opportunity. We stand against oppression, against stagnation, we are against large groups controlling the interests and future of the many, the masses. We pick our fight with unorthodox means, means many in the upper rungs of society simply may not support, but we do so with conviction. We stand as a shield against the darkness of the worst of us, the oppressiveness of greed and envy without limits, without morality. We are always at the ready, for we are always in the fight. The seas, rivers and lakes be our domain, and ultimately, we stand against the things from the deep, the horrors most others have forgotten. We stand ever vigilant to defend the rights of all to trade and deal in fortunes. We merely also insure a level of fairness and parity is maintained. For the High Captain does not believe in hoarding power, and what is wealth if not power in its own right. Power should be used, should be spent, and should be invested back into society around you.

Those of the faith of Captain Black Jeremiah worship him because he represents freedom, the sea, and strength. He stands a beacon to the ideals of opposing the hoarding of wealth and power. There are many whom look upon this Ascended, much like Varis Tomain, with suspicion, seeing him as a god of rogues and brigands, and that is not necessarily untrue. But ultimately he is the God of the Sea, and his faithful are the most stalwart protectors of the trade routes and waterways that even now, in this age of steam and sky-ship, are so very vital to Valerick's economic and military security. They alone of the faithful remember, within their doctorine, where the horrors of the Sundering began.
The seas themselves boiled and roiled, spitting forth scaled horrors from its depths, those with hatred and deep envy for the blessed Children of the Ascended whom get to live in the above, under the warm forgiving light of the sun.

This faith is seen as a more militant, if irregular in its behavior, faith, and rightfully so. All of the order, clergy or otherwise, are trained in fencing, close quarters swordplay, and have at least a basic bit of training in how handle and wield firearms and handheld explosives.


Divine Powers of the Privateers of Faith

Domains: Every faith has domains, and these manifest in many ways. A priest or other religious figure so inclined to have such ability will actually be wielding power based on these domains as well as the unique powers listed here. The domains of Captain Black Jeremiah are; Grave, Strength, Tempest, Trickery. The domains do not change from 5e.

Divine Power: Those of strong enough faith and trusted by their dieties on Valerick can directly wield divine power, entrusted with it by their God/Goddess and heralds directly through prayer. Every diety offers these war hymns, prayers and litanies tucked away in the vast library of scriptures and hymns that come with religion as an institution. These should take form to fit the diety, especially limitations on summoning spells and their ilk, tied only to the realms, planes and domains that the diety controls or influences. But this is more a matter of roleplay than anything else.

Components and tools

Below is listed some information that anyone playing a character of faith whom worships Captain Black Jeremiah would know. Note when it comes to the Religious Ordos, that the three listed are not the only ones for their respective class, nor are they class exclusive. It merely is to note which of the three classes of those whom are blessed with Divine power you will find most frequently. In fact you don't need to wield Divine Power directly to be a member of the Ordos in any religion. Though you do to become any sort of high ranking official or leader.

Popular Religious Symbols: The Black Jack (Winking Skull with cutlass and pistol crossed over it), Crossed smoking Flintlocks, Two gold coins.
Most Notable Religious Ordos: The Sailors Rememberance (Priests), Jeremiah's Privateers (Templars), Brazen Buccaneers (Rangers)
Most Notable Holy Texts: The Code, Shanties of the Planes, Way of the Sea
Grand Temple/Seat of Power: Corsair Cove in the city of Tortuga, in the country of Mora.


These three names given below again would be names well known to anyone of Captain Black Jeremiah's faith, even if they've never met or seen any of these people, which is likely. They would know their names and positions.

Heads of the Cult: Commander Bartholemew Jones: Renarii Human Ranger, Head of the entire faith, and of the Brazen Buccaneers, Mother Ezra Marie-Ann: Halfling Priestess, 3rd in the Command Structure , head of the Sailors' Rememberance. First Captain Edward Tullimore: Renarii Human Templar, 2nd in the Command structure, and head of Jeremiah's Privateers.


Those whom worship Captain Black Jeremiah have the following tenets. Like all faiths on Valerick, one must consider their Ordos within that faith, their position as a Priest, Templar or Ranger, to understand how they might interpret these into a personal code of behavior and conduct that is the contract of faith between you and your god. However very broadly, here are the principles of the Endless Explorer's;

1) Target the Wealthy and Greedy
2) Take what ya can, give nothing back
3) No fear and no quarter ta things of the dark
4) Only one thing we give Beasts of the Black. Speed, Surprise, and Violence of Action.
5) When all else fails, apply smokepowder generously.
6) Wasting good booze is a sin and a crime of faith!


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