Head Pilot

"There is only one person in command, only one person who's rank matters aboard a Sky-Ship that has taken to flight, and that is the Head Pilot. It is their vessel, and aboard it they outrank everyone."

There are many jobs, many professions in the industry of aeronautics, but one commonly associated with leadership skills and given the respect deserving of a position of authority, is that of a Head Pilot. Those of such a profession are tasked to run an entire Sky-Ship, both vessel and crew. They are the appointed leader, that is their job. They fly the vessel, delegating the tasks about the crew, which they often get to have a hand in selecting. Such people need to be natural leaders, such is the nature of the job. One cannot thrive in such a profession without strong and prominent leadership abilities to control, guide and manage their crew.



To even be eligible for such an appointment, you have to have logged at least seven years as a co-pilot, with signed documentation proving you have put in that time. Your flight record will be subject to investigation, and there is an extensive interview process, generally with two or three hour long sessions, with owners, then with other head pilots based out of the same Sky-Port, and lastly with the representative officers of the nation they will be operating out of, their aerial authorities. You must also renew your piloting license, doing a hands on examination, every 3 years to insure continued competency and ability.

Career Progression

You start as a Co-pilot and must spend nearly a decade in such a position, learning the complexities of piloting and running a Sky-Ship's crew, before you can even seek to become a Head Pilot.

Payment & Reimbursement

Head Pilots are exceedingly well paid, some of the most well paid of any in the transportation industry, earning on average 15000-20000 gold suns a year.

Other Benefits

Free travel, that is one of the biggest benefits. Head Pilots often also get a notable allowance for journeys, for room and lodging, and often such an appointment even includes paying for their home in their base city of operations, which is above and beyond salary. They are in a strong guild, meaning they garner the benefits of collective bargaining as well.


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