Ghel Shores

The smells of coal smoke, salt, and whale oil are thick and heavy here, this district well named, for here in the belly of the great city of Geata-Iarainn, one of Valerick's largest and most versatile raw materials, Ghel, is handled and processed into a wide variety of goods en masse. Over thirty-five percent of the known world's ghel is processed here, into everything from lantern oil, cooking oil, pitches, machine greases and lubricants, and much more. Ghel factories and whale processing stations dominate the docks here, and some five thousand workers are directly tied to just the production capabilities of the industry within the city, with another thousand or more tied into management roles. The whaling crews make up another two thousand or more, split amongst the various whaling vessels.

Those whom live here, most are tied directly into the industry at some level, most being one of the afore above mentioned workers, or working in adjacent industries. The Ghel Shores is a unique district in Geata-Iarainn, almost its own little town entirely, and many hold the city's current power structures and governing officials in great contempt. There is growing discontent amongst the Ghelmen, the workers responsible for the dangerous processes that actually take raw whale and seal oils and turn it into the products listed above. The plants for doing so are hazardous at best and downright negligently dangerous at worst, and the industry is rather unregulated, the Ghelmen having no legal recourse, for they have no recognition nor legal acknowledgement to organize and form a guild. For many decades the workers themselves did not wish to. But in the last few years things have drastically changed. As the Era of Industrialization begins, the demands upon these facilities has drastically increased, and owners care not for the workers, choosing to rake in highly increased profits without raising wages, or even improving and upgrading facilities for safety and efficiency. The district is a bit of a powderkeg now, well known for protests, the occasional riot, and being a rather run down place.


The Ghel Shores District also happens to encompass two major military institutions within its political sphere in the city of Geata-Iarainn. They are both tied to the Suranthi Navy, as one might expect in the Docklands Quarters;

3) Storm-chaser Garrison Tower: This pillar of stone jutting from the sea, and the island around it, is the Storm-Chaser Garrison, one of Suranth's largest and busiest naval bases. It is here that Fleet Frost, one of Suranth's two oceanic naval fleets, is based out of. It is here that the Suranthi flagship, the Glacial Goddess, calls her home port. The garrison is home to some three thousand naval personal and their families, along with the appropriate support staff, accounting for another large chunk of the districts population. No less than twenty of the Suranthi Navy's ships call this garrison their home port, and it is here that the infamous Wolves of the Sea, also call home, patrolling the waters around the garrison, the orcas a common and comforting sight to many

6) Suranthi Seafarer's Academy: This prestidigous school is one of the most well respected institutions in its field in all of the Tundra Realms. A naval officer's school, it is here naval personal whom are to captains, quartermasters, navigators, fleet commanders, or other officer ranks within the navy are taught. The Seafarer's Academy is well known for producing highly skilled, confident, and sharp officers. In fact, they have a wonderful claim to fame, it was here that Fleet Admiral Yvette Varnis, the ranking officer of the entire Suranthi Navy, Captain and Master of the Glacial Goddess, recieved her military education.

Industry & Trade

No less than thirty processing facilities for all manner of Ghel production and refinery dominate the district's landscape, and the air is constantly thick with the mixed smells of coal smoke, burning whale and seal fat, salt and other chemicals used in the various processes. It is a manufacturing hub through and through, seeming almost a different world entirely than the rest of Geata-Iarainn.
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