Black Street Butchers

"Fools you can't find us, and you'll never stop the blood. Black Street doesn't exist, there is no such place in all of Geata-Iarainn. Yet we are everywhere. No such street exists yet every street is Black Street. We are not evil. We are merely an extension of those whom claim to be civilized. We are what you all wish you could be."
Assassin, moments before managing to slip his restraints and slip his poison capsule from a hidden pocket.

The Black Street Butchers were always feared, but not necessarily seen as evil or monstrous themselves, merely an extension, a parasite that exists because people are flawed, and willing to seek the deaths of others in their worst moments. They were merely seen as cold hearted, cruel business people at worst. Criminals, but not evil or monsters. That's changed in the last three years. Where once was a professional organization of skilled murderers, whom would do things with finesse, careful execution (pun intended) and would avoid collateral damage at all costs, in the last three years they've changed. Symbols of dark powers drawn in blood at the scene of killings, profane symbols of worship to a dark and ancient evil. Where once professionalism and subtlety was a thing to strive for, it is now to be avoided Now they paint scenes of pure slaughter, no clean single blow, but a scene of massive overkill, wounds upon wounds, blood everywhere. Where once collateral damage was to be avoided, so much so a target was considered untouchable within their own home, especially if they had a family, now those rules no longer apply, and even moreso, they'll just butcher the entire family, even the children. They have quickly risen in status to one of the most hated and feared groups in Geata-Iarainn and across Suranth, and one of the single most wanted groups in all the country.

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This change in behavior is because the Black Street Butchers are no longer a mere assassin's guild, but a Cult of Slaughter, paying homage in blood and murder to Iracundia, the Ruined God of Wrath.
Guild, Assassins


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