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Journey to Whitehawk Mountain

A wealthy elven lady named Ellirah seeks an adventurer to help her recover a caravan of exotic weapons that were intercepted by the brigands of Whitehawk Mountain.  


Levels 1-7


1-2 Hours


Heavey Combat/Lite Stealth


Wilderness, Cave, Forest, Camp


Unique Weapon

Gameplay Details:

Gathering, Tower Defense, Maze, Dungeon Crawl, Onslaught, Boss Fight   Get it now in the Steam Workshop or in the Neverwinter Vault  

A Collector's Call

  The Explorer's Guild has just received a contract from a very wealthy and important local aristocrat. Ellirah Xiluin, the matron of the Xiluin estate and owner of the largest collection of ancient weapons in the town of Highhill, has need of a suitable adventurer to help her recover some stolen artifacts.   A caravan carrying a very important shipment of weapons, including highly-prized Byrean artifacts, was intercepted by the bandits that inhabit the Whitehawk Mountains. The surviving caravan driver's apprentice brought back word of the exact location of the camp.   It is a long journey through wolf-infested forests and trap-covered foothills to reach the bandit camp. Ellirah insists on joining the expedition, and is funding it entirely, so there is low overhead for the Guild, but you wonder what use an aging aristocrat could possibly be on such an expedition. Either way, the gold is good, so you grab the contract and mark the location of the Ellirah's mansion on your map...  


  As you prepare for your journey, you ask around the local tavern about Whitehawk Mountain and the surrounding area. Rumor has it there's a treasure hidden deep within a cave somewhere along the Foothills of Whitehawk Mountain. The foothills are rocky and maze-like, so it might take some searching to find the place.

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