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What would have been an ordinary realm of magic and fantasy was shifted into chaos when two outside forces stumbled in with intentions unknown. How two people could shape the realms so much in just a few centuries is a mystery even to the gods. No sooner than their arrival in the material plane the worlds understanding of magic seemed to explode. Many great kingdoms would rise and fall do to their influence all the while none really knew who pulled the strings or why. As the ages passed even the tales of the all powerful mages who shaped the world fell to legend and were forgotten to time. Even long after the last utterance of the name Elazra or Thalindor the effects of their magic continued to move things towards an unimaginable fate. This realm was now set on a path with many others that would reshape the cosmos.

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Acendereg Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Campaign

Dungeons & Dragons 3.5