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Bier is an alcoholic beverage, noted for its smoothness down the throat and clean, malty flavours, that rose to popularity across Abyss around the year U.C. 0072.   Bier, in its initial forms, was created by the Orc communities surrounding Sanctuary around the year U.C. 0072. Unlike ale, bier is served cold in addition to its more clean and crisp flavor, appealing to a wider range of audiences including Elves and Tieflings who have more peculiar dietary preferences.   Bier was created by accident, when the then relatively new merchant Solon mislabelled and sold the wrong yeast to the Orc tribes surrounding Sanctuary. The Orcs noted a change in the resulting beverage and upon testing, found it to be particularly tasty. Bier then took root amongst travelling merchants and had since then been spread across Abyss.   Bier is produced in a similar manner to ale, both making use of fermentation vessels for their preparation. Bier is fermented at the bottom of its fermentation vessel and in cooler temperatures, such as the caves of the Northern regions. The fermentation process happens more slowly and is kept to completion. In combination to this, the addition of hops and other natural herbs, depending on the practice and preference of the tribe, result in its distinct clean and crisp flavor with an emphasis on the hops and malt flavors. Bier is more stable than ale, and can be stored for longer periods.   In response to the rise of bier, more traditionalist tribes went back to the roots of brewing Ale in hopes of further perfecting their craft. Eventually, some even created new Ales.



Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Base Price
1 Bronze coin for the cheapest of biers.

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