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A Ruined World

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Alyeria (uh-leer-e-ah) was a world infused with elemental magic. Its guardians, the Primes (Aether, Earth, Air, Fire & Water) chose the harmonic races (humans, dwarves, elves, and gnomes) to champion the battle against their eternal foe, Entropy (corruption, chaos & decay). During the Attuned era, Elemental avatars, Aeons, connected to the primes, guided the chosen races in shaping the Ebb (magic), and infused their weapons, armor, and wondrous creations with it. Five major settlements become elemental focuses (nexus points) warding the lands against entropy’s corruption. The foundations of these great cities were formed when the Primes fell to Alyerian in its defense.  They are known as the Sigillum (insignia or seals), living symbols of the unity of Alyerians and the Primes.

Eventually, Erbes (er'bus), the Prime of Entropy discovers Alyeria and falls from the depths of space itself, sundering the land on impact. Its corruption spreads quickly through the savage races and beasts twisting their minds. Driven to destroy all life on Alyeria and consume the planet in darkness and destruction. This is the beginning of the War of Shadows. The races of Alyeria rally armies and fight alongside the Aeons to push back the corrupting tide.

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Ruins of Alyeria

Pathfinder 2e

Rising from the devastating collapse, the races of Alyeria fight to reclaim the world.