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A King's Remorse

4 P.H.

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Edica is now nothing more than a war-torn remnant of a once prosperous continent. Left, is a land of rapacious shadow councils and divisive economics under the guise of cutthroat governing bodies, all except the Northlands. The nefarious disposition of the Southern and Center Lords has ultimately turned the now Ruined Kingdoms against each other in an attempt to scramble for what scraps of power the lords can muster. Military power is only second to influence through nepotism and internal relationships. Magic is, out of desperation, often prayed for, but it is an astronomically rare oddity even in history books. It is only spoken of as fairy tale or myth rumored to have only been achieved by the Patrinites of East. Recently, there have been mutterings; whispers among the inner courts of the Ruined Kingdoms, that the Northern King, Darius Landis, will soon abandon his titles and leave his lands with no ruler as he takes his people Beyond. With many kingdoms vying for power and lands, the bellows of human avarice rekindle the flames of war.