The Frendi are a myserious race, plauging the Eridanus Galaxy. Spread amougst the stars are groups of this deadly semi-pacrastic, mind-controling race, who specialise in devouring their victim from the inside out.
Dr. RJ Hama at Erevna

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

The Frendi are a semi-parastic race they start their life as a spawn produced by female Frendi, after being ejected by a female Frendi they are placed in the Frendiship Reproduction hypernation tanks. , from the Frendiship Reproduction System they are surplanted into a captured host, selected by the mature Frendi to grow and mature inside the hosts body, until eventually the spawn evolve/mature and devouring the host from the inside out.   The Frendi spawn once placed in the hosts brain, lays dorment after the procedure for three months, gathering strength and recovering from the Frendiship Reproduction System procedure and the state of hybernation they were held in. After three months the Frendi spawn bceomes active , moving towards the cerebellum and latching its tenticals around the brain steam. The spawn then devours the brain, slowly relasing chemicals to transform the physical form and features of the host taking over the body until the hosts is no more.  

Reproduction stages

  1. The mature Frendi selects a suitable host/hosts based on the needs of the Frendi group.
  2. The mature Frendi will abduct the host to assess using the Frendiship Reproduction System the likely success of infection and canabilisation before beginning the procedure to ensure the host body will not reject the spawn.
  3. Subject to successful selection, the host is then progress on to stage two, where they are injected with a range of drugs and chemical to limit the hosts resistance.
  4. The host then receives a incision from the automated Frendiship Reproduction System behind the ear to enable access for the spawn.
  5. The placement procedure beings taking the spawn from the hypernation tanks
  6. The spawn is then placed inside the host using the incision.
  7. The incision is the sealed using their advanced technology to leave no visable scars or defects.

Growth Rate & Stages

The growth rate of the Frendi, is fluid in nature as it is dependant on the hosts they infect.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The Frendi, are a parasitic race which feed on other races thusly wherever there is life in the universe, the Frendi will not be far behind.

Average Intelligence

The Frendi are highly intelligent, the ability to adapt to changing and evolving situations using their intelligence to out maneuver others.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

  1. Mind control abilities
  2. Ability to covert species to Frendi
  3. High levels of intelligence
  4. Natural resistance to some diseases
  5. Secretes memory impacting mucus
Due to their advanced cybernetics the Frendi have developed other capabilities these include;
  1. Advanced agility to be able to jump higher and run faster
  2. Ability to see in the dark
  3. Telescopic ability to see in detail up to 500 mertres.

Civilization and Culture


The Frendi, have throught their history evolved and orgmented there biological components with advanced technology to bleed out imperfection in the race such as; replacing there prior poor eye sight with adavanced cybernetics, to enable them to see in full colour and night vision with telescopic abilities.
About 120 years
Average Height
The height of a Frendi, varies greatly on the host in which was chosen and infected with the Fendi Spawn. The Frendi are selective on who they decide to infect with there spawns as the spawn is dependant on many physical aspects of the host body it infects such as height.
Frendi with laser riffle
by Gamez on Heroforge
Frendi with laser riffle
by Gamez on Heroforge


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