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Vaults of Thezunex

There are many parts of the Sunless realm that are uncharted and unexplored. One such place are the Vaults of Thezunex. An ancient ruined city, predating any civilisation post sundering, and even those that called the underworld their home long before. Now, Thezunex has become a long dead place. All manner of creatures and twisted horrors call it's hallways home.   What else lurks down deeper in the vaults is unknown, only that strange machinations and fell magic protect this place and the secrets held deep inside.   Countless explorers and treasure hunters have attempted to chart or plunder this place, but it seems each map used to try and understand this twisted labyrinth is always wrong. Thus, it has become a much sought after venture for such people to try and find their fortune. Most perish deep within its winding depths. Most who make it back dare not speak of what they saw down there. But there have been a few who have found artefacts and treasures from a bygone age, making them very wealthy indeed. Thus, the draw for the place, and the chance to win your fortune is a risk most are willing to take. Those who were successful are known for boasting no end of what they saw and experienced in those dark places. Most of which seem so farfetched their scarcely believed.   There are numerous entrances and passageways into the vaults, found throughout the Dsja'taresh desert, some are said to appear and disappear at whim, never appearing in the same place. But the general whereabouts of the vaults is well known, and avoided by most.   By all accounts, the architecture and geography of the vaults is impossible, some even theorise that Thezunex itself is a living entity, that contorts and changes at whim. Others believe that its original inhabitants dwell deep in a city that is fabled to lay at it's very heart and that the twisting corridors, stairwells and impossible rooms and devious traps are just there to keep unwanted visitors away. Whatever the reason, It has kept scholars and mages studying it baffled for centuries.   As such, the Belvorian institute has set up an nearby outpost, charting and recording the entrances to Thexunex, organising expeditions to different parts, to research and understand this anomaly with mixed success.¬†Most wishing to venture into the Vaults consult the outposts current charts to plot the current ways into Thexunex, however, sometimes these entrances will not be the same way out.


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