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Ever since their coming from the northern lands millennia ago, they've adjusted to environments shaping them like no other, becoming one of the more controversial races that inhabit Evalaw. Despite their short life span they have spread out far and wide, having significant impact across the world in more ways than one. While they are one of the youngest of the civilised races in the realm, their limited lifespans and penchant for migration and need for recognition has aided in their rather explosive expansion leading them to eventually adapt to settle in all corners of the known world; even claiming some of the most undesirable of locales due to this innate desire to manifest their own destiny. Perhaps it is because of their short generations that they strive to achieve as much as they can in the years they have, feeling that they have something to prove to the elder and more established races. Whatever it is that drives them, humans are by far one of the most versatile and complex people of the world: possessing a wide range of physical traits and behaviours that ultimately has caused a lack of solidarity and collective cohesion between them.   While perhaps not considered to be the most remarkable of races, humans possess an unbridled determination, ingenuity and resilience that has allowed them to thrive despite the many obstacles placed in front of them. In spite of this, their constant need to expand and conquer, coupled with their generally slow-paced progression and consistent infighting, tends to undermine their influence in the region they dwell within. This belligerent attitude has earned them a reputation among the elder races due to their innate want to be considered as important and as powerful as the older races of the world. While the Dwarin tend to find their antics amusing, the Aelfier are reluctant to share any kind of common ground with them and regard them as being beneath them. Common perception of the species is that they are young, foolish, reckless and ignorant. Though they might be physically strong and resourceful, their low intelligence and inability to coexist with others is what ultimately leads to their downfall. Nevertheless, despite their short-sightedness, humans still manage to carve out a niche for themselves in many areas of the world, forging new paths and venturing where others dare not tread.
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