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  For countless years, legends have grown among the merchant caravans and traders who stalk the Dsja'taresh desert's meandering dune seas and stony barren landscapes. Stories of scorpion men appearing during sandstorms, murdering everybody in their path, looting their trains, and then disappearing as soon as they emerged. While these myths have spread throughout the underworld, those who venture the underdeserts know that the Girtabiliu are everything but stories.   The Girtablilu, commonly known as the Scorpionfolk, are both feared and respected for their martial prowess and disposition. The Girtabilu are half-hamnoid half-scorpion monsters that are adept warriors.Girtablilus tribes are native to the harsh Dsja'taresh deserts of the underworld, where they establish settlements around old forgotten ruins or move in nomadic bands across parched dunes, Badlands, and other inhospitable locations where they may live. In general, the Girtablilu have been proven to be a reclusive race that does not tolerate strangers on their territory, which in the Dsja'taresh encompasses the whole desert area. Driving invaders out of their territories with great zeal and determination, issuing grave warnings and resorting to violence if ignored.  
Many Girtabilu, particularly the young and impetuous, participate in banditry and have become very successful and feared long-range raiders in the Dsja'taresh and beyond. Their speed and agility on the desert landscape have allowed them to become the ultimate hit and run raiders, striking across multiple trade routes that extend the underdesert.


  The Girtablilu, have the heads, torso and arms of a man and the lower body of a scorpion. In general, the Girtabilu have hair that is a mix of red and dark tones. Typically a dark-skinned race with skin tones ranging from dark browns, olives, and bronzed tones, however in rare occasions, leucistic pigmentation has been found. Their sharp projecting aquiline noses and pointy Aelfaune-like ears are their most distinguishing facial traits. The Girtabilu's facial characteristics become more prominent as they grow older.    Their carapaces have a broad range of looks, although colour patterns appear to be rather consistent throughout family lines. Among scorpionfolk, alabaster chitin is equally as prevalent as dusky brown or black chitin.


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