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Ancient sentinels that once dominated the landscape of Evalaw. Towering high above the lands below, these golden trees bathed the world in their ethereal brilliance. Their destruction represented a rupture in the celestial harmony that governed our world.
Beacons of luminous beauty, their golden light infusing the very essence of creation.
  The Arch-Trees embodied the Creator's essence, their radiance a reflection of divine power that nourished the world. Their golden light, a font of life and magic, suffused the land with vibrant energy, empowering spells, and enchantments. Creatures born of this harmonious union flourished under the Arch-Trees' watchful gaze. Their light was the source from which all living things drew sustenance; they nurtured every form of life upon Evalaw, be it plant or beast.   Their loss is felt even to this day... the death of the Archtrees coincided with cataclysm known as The Cadence. Their brilliant radiance waned, their branches withered and crumbled, falling to the earth in a silent descent. The golden tapestry that once canopied the land gave way to desolation, as the very magic that had sustained us began to recede, like a tide retreating from the shore. The ancients watched helplessly as the Arch-Trees fell one by one into ruin. They saw them fall, but could do nothing about it: no spell would restore the fallen giants, nor any enchantment bring back their lost splendour.   The Arch-Trees' demise served as a profound reminder of the delicate equilibrium that governs our existence. It taught us that even the most venerable of pillars can falter, and that the bond between the divine and the mortal is not immutable. It was a testament to the impermanence of all things, even those we deemed eternal.  
by Anithecutie
Their demise was an unravelling, a severance of the sacred ties that bound our mortal realm to the divine. It signified the faltering of the balance between the ethereal and the earthly, a cosmic lament that echoed throughout the world.
— Respiren, the wayward druid.


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Aug 14, 2023 20:05 by Deleyna Marr

Such a sad loss for your world!

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