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World Ember 2021: Pledge

World Ember 2021

This year the Megaverse is entering with The Planescapes, and boy do I have plans!
The Planescapes will hit 25k!
— Spectral
I always seem to overshoot and not make the mark; this time, I will undershoot and take things at my own pace. Before I dive into all of that, I want to talk about my goals.


  • I want to hit 25k words! I will be keeping track of the word count for each and every article as well. I do not want to overshoot, so I will not shoot for 50k.
  • I want to experiment with BBCode and make my articles feel more pretty.
  • Finish the World Meta.
  • Try new article types and expand my horizons.
  • Have as many pictures as I possibly can!

Why these goals?

Every time I do something, I overshoot and forget what I am doing. My mind has been pretty wonky the last few months, and I really want a badge. I choose to do the Planescapes because it’s a fresh project and won’t stress me out.   I want to use more BBCode to make my articles stand out; as it stands, I hardly ever use it. I will be taking it slow and learning as I go; it’s all part of me expanding my horizons.   The World Meta has been bothering me for quite some time, and that is first on my list of things to do; once that is done, I will be adding a few links to the Megaverse website.   Trying new article types and including more pictures genuinely go hand in hand. I want my articles to pop, and at the same time, I want to try new things. I will be giving each piece everything I have and a little more.  
You can view all the progress here: World Ember 2021: Tracking Document

Planet Dive

I will be doing a lot of bouncing around; I want to take you guys through the planets I will be working on during the end of November and throughout December.

Universe 1

Universe 1 is my alternate history Earth, complete with the occult and supernatural creatures. I have made sure to take my time with this planet, it is currently 1965 at the time of making this article, and I look forward to playing with history for the past and the present. You can find more about this planet in my tracker document linked above.


  • I want to finish the foundation for this planet and have a strong planet introduction set up for the future.
  • I want to write at least 3k in this world.
  • I want to have fun with history!

Universe 202: Superhero

This will be my first take on a superhero world with some actual substance and a coherent story. The work that has gone into this so far has been minimal at best, but I am hoping to get the chance to expand this December.


  • Get the foundation in good standing.
  • Write at least 2k words in this world!
  • Have a fantastic time coming up with new characters and stories.

Universe 203: Fantasy

This fantasy world is going to be my most challenging yet. I want to condense everything I have learned from playing in my Original Megaverse. I do not have a clear-cut idea for this world, but since fantasy is so popular, I want to do it right now.


  • Lay down a basic foundation in all areas.
  • Expand on fantasy concepts from the 30+ fantasy worlds I created a few years ago.
  • Condense core ideas.
  • Write at least 2k for this world.

Universe 204: Science Fiction: Cyberpunk

I have never done a Cyberpunk world before. I am intimated about the challenges, and I know the pitfalls. But I am excited to try something new, and I think cyberpunk fits the general theme of the Planescapes perfectly.


  • Write at least 1k for this world.
  • Learn more about cyberpunk.

Universe 205: Ancient Greek themed fantasy

I am very excited about this world. I call it my “just in case I get too stressed out and want to explode” planet. I have a lot of ideas for it, but it will fall on the backburner unless inspiration strikes.


  • Make some god profiles, so they are clearly defined within the Megaverse.
  • Write at least 2k for this world.
  • Have fun with Greek Myth and Legend.

Overal Inside the Planescapes

  I want to nail down a few core concepts for this megaverse as a whole and get some new short stories planted and ready to go. I will also be laying down the groundwork for more monetization, including finishing a few nano projects. I am excited for World Ember. It will be my first one. I am most excited to try new things and expand my horizons. I will update this article with my research and links at a later date. If you want to follow my World Ember progress, please check here:World Ember 2021: Tracking Document
Investigators! Please remember to drop a heart and leave a comment if you like the content here!

Other Links

Mapvember: Mapvember 2021

Research and Junk

Prep Checklist

  • New discord server picture. 
  • New Megaverse name. 
  • Art has been downloaded and organized. 
  • Added the project to my website. 
When I write about alternate history names and places might be changed. The Megaverse has no affiliation with these places. Names of important people, like George Washington, have not been changed.


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16 Nov, 2021 14:29

I like how you specify that you don't want to overshoot your goal. Personally, I think that's a healthy approach to limiting yourself, especially when you haven't been feeling too well lately.   Best of luck and I'm looking forward to reading your work! :D

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Sage Spectral42
Spectral 42
16 Nov, 2021 14:53

I will try my best to hit the 10k and everything else will honestly be extra! Thank you for reading and I wish you luck as well!

Live long Dream big
16 Nov, 2021 17:22

Great planning! Best of luck in your goal for WorldEmber this year :D you've got this!

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Sage Spectral42
Spectral 42
17 Nov, 2021 17:53

Good luck to you my friend! Thank you for reading!

Live long Dream big