Colonization status: Gardia GEN-A3

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The "perfect" Earth clone... only 23 million light years away!

Planet Shelder. Four billion and a half years of evolution to get here, now: explosive bio-diversity ranging from the micro to the macro. Danger lurking behind every corner. It's a wild world, and we only just got here! Be safe.


Compared to the desert of the vast cosmos, Shelder is indeed a rare oasis. This is why people from Hastral set their sights on it...

Indigenous Life

Shelder is home to its own forms of life since its formation. Geologic history contributed to various stages of evolution from unicellular organisms to large fauna and lush flora. Is this oasis a peaceful one? Can Humans integrate with Natives? Or is it a disaster waiting to happen?


The Humans have a M.A.G.P.I.E. A.I. running the colonization efforts and are being careful. Models, simulations, and activity monitors for understanding the world and keeping up with it are available to colonists via an interactive multimedia encyclopedia, the H.I.M.S. SHELDEX.

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