Pies are thief-birds. Not much bigger than a starling, but have a cocky attitude and a caw that mocks you as they fly away with your shiny trinkets. They won't hesitate to swoop down and peck an earing from your lobe, or even steal a coin from your pocket while you sit and have lunch.   There's a huge colony of them over on the island named Pie Holm, and rumour has it that's where they stash all of their loot (if you could even get close to it without getting your eyes pecked out).  


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26 Apr, 2019 03:41

"I made you a pie!" "Oh boy! what flavor?" *narrows gaze* "Pie flavor."

26 Apr, 2019 05:36

*dozens of birds fly out, screeching*

26 Apr, 2019 07:04

So why do the birds hoard things? come to think of it, I'm not sure why crows do it either.

26 Apr, 2019 19:24

I think it may have evolved from birds liking shiny beetles, or colorful berries

30 Apr, 2019 02:33

How big is one?

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