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The river Kek is the main transportation route from the Spinal Ridge mines in the south of the Katlhan Strip, near Gángar, to the Khamadian outpost Nabak in the north, as well as their harbor on the coast. The river cuts through several biomes and traveling the river gives one a good idea of just how diverse the continent of Celenia really is.

It runs all the way from the mountain range, through the dark bogs and up through the Dim Grove to Nabak, just before it reaches the Morvátian Expanse.

The river Kek is a combination of two smaller rivers joining just north of the bogs, comedically named East Kek and West Kek respectively. East Kek is the larger and wider of the two, which is frequently used for transportation over the western one. While west Kek can be used, it's occasionally quite thin, especially during dryer seasons, which can cause issues for deeper draft flatboats.

The Boglands

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As previously mentioned, the main purpose of Kek (both of them) is transport. The Spinal Ridge in the south is relatively rich in valuable minerals and those need a convenient way of transport north to Nabak and its coastal port.

During summer, flat-bottomed prams can travel both rivers with relative ease, although the boglands are particularly nasty, especially since blood witches and their repulsive bog dweller minions seem to enjoy making their underground nests in the many moist caverns dotting the landscape.

The plains of Lor'ikes

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North of the boglands are a short stretch of open fields, where east and west Kek join together before diving into the Dim Grove. Near the joining of the rivers lie castle Lor'ikes, around which a small hamlet has started to grow. It acts as the southern guard for the farmlands in the area, as well as an important river crossing near the joining.

The wet landscape give rise to much fog, making the Dim Grove look even more intimidating than it already did.

The Dim Grove

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The Dim Grove is a thick forest, where only a small travel route has been "carved" by nearly two decades of travel, along the river. Occasionally, the river gets quite narrow, but still enough to house the flat-bottomed prams designed for it.

Kek gets rather shallow here, through the forest, with only occasional wider and deeper parts. So most prams will use stakes to propel themselves, rather than oars. The flow of the river itself provides a modest amount of propulsion as well.

The Northern Canyons

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Farthest north, past the outpost, lie the northern coast of Celenia. From it, you can gaze all the way south, past the giant canyons and see the Spinal Ridge looming in the distance. The coast rises steadily up to a sheer cliff against the Morvátian Expanse, but Kek cuts through the coastal cliffs and create a wide inlet where the original Khamadian settlers landed.

Here lies the official port of Nabak, an hour or two's travel north from the outpost itself. A small guard station is housed near a passage down to the river, up on the cliffs, providing a great outlook over both the surrounding area and the ocean to the north.

This guard station ensures that no one sneaks past without paying their taxes, and they can warn the outpost of an attacking force long before the force reaches the outpost proper.

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