Sandstalker Plains

The Sandstalker Plains is home to the Sandstalker raiders and is nestled inbetween the Badlands, the Narrows and Relay Station 315.


With such close proximity to three Shadowscars, the Sandstalker Plains is a dangerous area even without the raiders.



Like the name suggest the Plains are a relative flat area of desert, covered in soft dunes that flow with the winds. There is little rocky terrain and the sight distance on a good day is incredible. Unless you have business somewhere in the Plains themselves, there is little to no reason to go there at all. There are of course ruins of the old world to investigate and the Relay Station shadowscar offers some intriguing technology to scavenge, but with that many shadowscars nearby and the Sandstalker Raiders roaming the sands, it is a highly dangerous prospect that one should not undertake easily.  

Flora and Fauna

In contrast to the Dead Tongue, the plains are pretty dead. There is little to no vegetation and the only animal life here consists of snakes, lizards and the occasional rodent. Further east near the river Sol, the land is a bit more fertile with the occasional oasis and spotted grasslands. In these areas you can find grazers traveling between the oasises.  


The Sandstalker Plains are ruled by the Sandstalker Tribes, raiders who prey upon those who would brave the plains. They have a peculiar hunting method, where they hide under great sheets of tarp, covered with sand, waiting for their prey to come to them. Equipped with fast scouting buggies and motorcycles, they can cover a large area of the plains and set up ambushes well in advance.   The Sandstalker are one of the few raider tribes that aren't entirely hostile to outsiders, and they do a fair amount of trading particularly with the Powder Kegs of Bullet Creek.  

Natural Resources and Corporate Interests

There are scant few resources in this desolate place, but you can find different kinds of sands and minerals, particularly in the northeastern region near the Spineridge mountains. There are also salt plains spotted here and there, where you can harvest salts. In some locations you can also find oil wells, but these are pretty rare and under the control of Sandstalkers. The oil is the primary reason others trade with them.   The cacti that grow in the more fertile areas can be harvested for water and hallucinogens for making potent recreational drugs and some medicinal compounds.   With the mutants of the Promised Land closely guarding the Badlands, scientists and corporate prospectors from Fusion City are largely forced to travel to the the Relay Station shadowscar in order to perform research and scavenge for lost technology. These convoys are heavily armed and armored to guard against Sandstalker attacks.
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The Sandstalkers are peculiar among the raiders. They have specialised in attacking convoys and traders by hiding in the sand under pieces of tarp, covered with sand and appear seemingly out of nowhere to ambush convoys.

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