“Telling you, you can not go there! Is dangerous territory. You vant to hide from corp bounty hunter, ja? Stay here! Never ever come here. Too mundane. Not important.”   “I’m sorry, Gabragh.” Drax pulled his fingers through his thick, tightly braided hair. Sand trickled inbetween his fingers like water. He hated this desert.   “We have to get to the Narrows. As far as I can tell, there’s no more direct route than going straight across the Sandstalker Plains, passing Bullet Creek on the way.”   “But ze Sandstalkers are not like other raiders! They have guns! They speak across distance! They are skilled. Invisible. Attack from nowhere. You do not stand a chance!”   Carla glanced at Drax, then at the door.   “Thanks Gabragh. But we’re set on the route.” Drax said as he rose and started donning his gear.   "Thank you for your hospitality and the supplies."
— Drax and Carla on the cusp of attempting their most dangerous quest yet.

The Sandstalkers are peculiar among the raiders. Instead of fighting outright battles and attacking settlements, these raiders have specialised in attacking convoys and traders traveling between settlements. They hide in the sand under pieces of tarp, invisible to all but the most trained of eyes and appear seemingly out of nowhere to ambush convoys.


They operate with skilled scouts, communicating with ancient radio technology, reporting on the locations of convoys and move to ambush them. To prevent overheating in the scorching days, they usually ambush at night when the temperatures are more lenient.



The Sandstalkers are believed to be descendents of survivors that served on a military base somewhere in the Sandstalker Plains, prior to The Cataclysm. The militaristic and authoritarian mentality of the survivors have been passed down to their descendents and have become their modus operandi and tradition.  


While other raider groups are tribalistic and primitive in their chain of command, the Sandstalkers are like a finely honed machine. They are well trained, well equipped, intelligent and ruthless. They are more akin to a band of military specialists than a primitive tribe of highway robbers.  


With their military background the Sandstalkers organize themselves like a warband. They have officers, captains and strictly follow the chain of command. People are placed in their respective roles depending on their ability and achievements. You do not get chosen to lead unless you have first proven your worth and ability.  


The Sandstalkers control the Sandstalker Plains and are hindered from spreading by the Promised Land mutants and the Powder Kegs of Bullet Creek in the north.  


The Sandstalkers are the raider tribes with the highest average technology available to them. With great access to ruins of the old world and three nearby Shadowscars the Sandstalkers have been able to scavenge for advanced weaponry and vehicles. They are also the only known raider group to communicate with pre-Cataclysm radios that they have scavenged. This allows them unparallelled coordination of their ambushing teams, effortlessly relaying information from their advanced scouts to their ambushing troupes.
Military, Paramilitary/Militia
Alternative Names
Sand Raiders
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Autonomous area
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