NSFW WARNING! Body horror/gore warning.

The Processor is an amalgamation of bodies and mutants that is the leader of the organization known only as the Mass, a faction of mutants in the western Outlands. The Processor follows the will of "The Mass" and attempts to unite the world by consuming and incorporating all of its flesh into itself.

"The Mass does not know death. It does not know sorrow. Only change. What is a thought compared to the Mind? What is your tiny individuality compared to our glorious Mass? Join the Mass and you will never again be weak, alone or helpless."

— The Compulsion Field


Shadow Realm

The Processor began its existance as the meta-minded hive mind of the shadebeasts of the Shadow Realm. With the exploitation of the Shadow Realm by the Ithonair, the Hive Mind was made aware of Dunia and the destruction wrought upon the Shadow Realm by the Ithonair made it aggressive and vengeful against Dunia and its inhabitatants.

The Hive Mind eventually succeeded in its invasion of the continent of Celenia and wiped the Ithonair out. With their enemy destroyed and no more exploitation of the Shadow Realm present, the Hive Mind and its subjects returned to the Shadow Realm.

The Shadow Mages

Eventually, another civilisation, the Kykr, arrived on Celenia and discovered Shadow Power. Their exploitation of the shade was not as severe as the Ithonair, so the Hive Mind was content to let them be. But when the occultists started breaching the Veil between the worlds and enter the Shadow Realm, it took offense and began working on a plan to wipe out Dunia once and for all. It could not tolerate their incursion into and exploitation of its home.

Industrial Exploitation

The Occultists were eventually defeated by the Kykr and over the course of about a century, the Kykr researched the properties of shade, as they had come to call the energy from the Shadow Realm. The shade, when brought through the Veil separating the worlds, was a thick, viscous fluid that had great energy density. While the fluid was highly reactive and dangerous to anything living, the Kykr found that with proper precaution and shielding, they could exploit the energy content within the fluid. Once the process of extracting the shade's energy was fully understood and perfected, Kykr society skyrocketed into an industrial revolution.


This wreaked havoc upon the Shadow Realm and with so much energy being drained on a daily basis, the physical fabric of the Shadow Realm began to fall apart. Entire regions fell into the vast empty abyss, land was shattered and foul weather ravaged the lands. The Hive Mind desperately attempted to combat this, but with so much energy being stolen, there were scant few ways they could find a way to breach the Veil and strike back at the Kykr. Any attempts at attacking the shadow plants directly was met with failure as the Shadebeasts who followed the flow of energy were ripped apart on the other side.

The Cataclysm

With the continued exploitation of the Shadow Realm, its core binding energy was eventually drained, causing the entire dimension to collapse into a singularity. The force of the collapse made the Shadow Realm explode like a supernova, it's searing, corrupting, toxic energy being flung through the conduits into every shadow power plant in Dunia. The Cataclysm ended Dunia in an instant. Almost everything and everyone was destroyed.

The Hive Mind, lacking a physical body of its own, was torn apart when its subjects were vaporized by the energy of the collapse. It's shattered remnants were fused with shade and flung into Dunia where it ended up in the western Outlands as nothing but a scattered rain of shade.


It took years, but eventually the Hive Mind managed to coalesce the scattered pools of shade and fuse into a shapeless blob, composed entirely of toxic shade. It soon found that it had the power to corrupt beings of Dunia and when it fell upon a settlement, it caused its inhabitants to suffer horrific mutations. It brought these mutants to itself and fused them together into a horrifying flesh-creature that it dissolved its shade body into. The resulting creature became the Processor.

The Processor

Having merged with the formless pile of flesh, the Processor attempted to gather its mind. Shattered, driven insane and utterly alone it tried to seek out allies and friends. It's merging with organic, living matter made it obsessed with flesh. It had never before experienced such a thing as existing in a physical sense. It found the experience exhilarating and euphoric. It became obsessed with flesh shaping and its own, twisted idea of physical perfection. Everywhere it found other creatures, it corrupted them with severe mutations, seeking some elusive perfection. It gathered a following of mutants who began to worship the Processor as a god, or at least a leader. It now had a goal: It would unite this world in the flesh, transforming it to it's new home, it's new hive. Or it would destroy the uncorrupted for what they had done to the Processor's home realm.

Current Location
Year of Birth
5 PC 112 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Shadow Realm
Current Residence
Presented Sex
Too many to count
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Putrid, half-rotted, translucent
Aligned Organization

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The Cysts are fleshy amalgamations of bodies and function as psionic amplifiers for the Processor in order to extend its compulsion field.


"We know how you have harmed this place with your pollution. Your violence. And your discord. When we spread across the world, we will cleanse it. Merge all of its flesh with the Mass. Join with us! Enjoy the ecstacy of our union.

So what shall it be? Will you join the Glorious Mass... or do you DIE here?"

— The Processor

With its origins as a meta-mind, the Processor has an innate need for collective, mental intimacy, which, along with its twisted vengefulness against the Kykr, forms one of its main drives. It is constantly torn between the need to collect more minds and bodies, and its wish to destroy the Kykr. It realises that it now lacks the immense power of the Hive Mind, stripped of its superior intellect and omniscient perception. Without the vast armies of shadebeasts it once commanded, it must work in the shadows, slowly building its power for the day when it will cleanse the world.

This is what motivates the Processor. It wants to absorb as many minds and bodies as possible into itself in order to no longer feel lonely, expand the flesh with more DNA to achieve physical perfection and grant it the strength to challenge the ones who would not join.

The Glory of the Mass

The Processor truly believes that it is doing people a favor when it absorbs them. It sees the flesh and the union of flesh and mind as the ultimate state of being. It cannot grasp or even begin to understand how the Kykr manage to survive as individuals. In the Processor's mind, everyone would be stronger, smarter and more resilient if they were part of one Mass. It refers to itself and the Flesh Pits as "The Mass". The Processor sees itself as a part of the Mass and the Mass is the goal. To incorporate all the world's flesh into the Mass and make the Mass the single entity in the world.

Physical Description

The Processor is malleable. It is most often just a sea of flesh, limbs and bodies, partially mashed together, horribly disfigured and mutated in varying states of amalgamation as the Processor tirelessly works to incorporate all the flesh into the Mass. It is capable of separating itself from the Mass and move about, but doing so robs it of the tangible feeling of the flesh, a large portion of its distributed mind and Shade energy, so it prefers not to leave the Flesh Pits unless it has to. It's entire mass is in the hundreds of tonnes range and it covers an entire hangar with its flesh.


With its hulking mass and extreme mutations the Processor is incapable of traditional locomotion. It is too large to move in any other way than an extremely slow oozing and is for all intents and purposes therefore a static entity. It could theoretically grow countless limbs to move its enormous mass, but it sees little purpose to do so.

It projects a psionic compulsion field, meant to lure organic beings towards it, slowly supplanting their free will with an ever rising compulsion to seek the Processor out. This field has limited range, however and in order to spread its influence, the Processor makes use of psionic amplifiers, called Cysts of the Mass that are little more than psionic antennas. The Processor is an incredibly powerful psion with access to every known psionic ability in addition to being the only creature in existance who is still able to use Shadow Magic because of its high concentration of Shade in itself.

The Processor is, by all measures, biologically immortal. Its control over flesh shaping, corruption and genetic manipulation allows it to constantly recreate, salvage and amalgamate whatever it needs to keep itself alive indefinitely.

Articles under Processor

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Rachael Dixon
14 Dec, 2019 08:36

Terrifying, do you mind if I create a character for this setting?

14 Dec, 2019 13:03

Not at all! This is meant to be an RPG setting anyway so feel free! :)

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Love this one as well. Its a great take on the idea, reminding me much of tyranids, the flood, necromorphs, and other classic baddies but setting itself apart in sooooo many ways.   Before I begin, I found this "The Processor began its existance as the Hive Mind of the Shadebeast of the Shadow Realm." I wondered if you meant "Shadebeasts" but missed adding the S. Apart from that i didnt notice anythin as far as errors go!   Now immediately i was struck by the image. Its horrifying and i love it! It is has a hint of blur as the cover, but its slight. As I was reading I really enjoyed the fleshed out backstory. (get it) You have a well though out sequence of events here. Even though im not yet familiar to understand every term used, i still understood the progression from this hive mind to the formless blob to the processor.   Again we see that motivation driven by belief. I love that it cant even comprehend individuality. it adds an unexpected layer of depth to the processor which is needed in such a terrifying antagonist (i assume)   Also this description     "It is most often just a sea of flesh, limbs and bodies, partially mashed together, horribly disfigured and mutated in varying states of amalgamation as the Processor tirelessly works to incorporate all the flesh into the Mass" Thats a lovely description. i just wanted to say it. lol     It abilities are equally horrific. This is not something you want to come face to face with, and the idea of fighting it is just hopeless. Its like a cosmic horror and the worst of it is that it is seemingly impossible to beat it with what i know of the world. That would mean that on a long enough timeline, it is going to win.... thats a scary thought.   Well done as always. I will have to take a more focused read of the stainless concord to understand more about how it works overall. Will do so tomorrow, cause it seems like this would make an excellent endgame style of villain, my favorite kind!

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Congratulations, you almost made me feel sorry for the Processor. Almost.

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My villains in a nutshell! I want them to be someone you can understand and sort of sympathise with, but there's always something in their behaviour or ideology that separates them from you. Thank you for the read! <3

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