The dulzuun [dɒl-tsu:n] are a Dru'un subspecies and take the form of stocky, tall and bulky pigs. Though they do not appreciate the descriptor "pig". They prefer to either be refered to as dulzuun or "boars".

Dulzuun are the embodiment of the dru'un stereotype: strong, opiniated, suspicious of everyone and incredibly quick to anger. Their tribal hunter heritage still flows very strong in their veins even to this day. With their great strength, resiliance and keen hunter's instinct, they make for terrifying combatants and are a great choice for a combat-oriented character.

The shots echoed between the walls of the narrow alleyway as Drax ran. Either these goons were terrible shots, or they were trying not to hit him. Drax didn’t care at the moment. He was just happy not being dead.   He dived around a corner and ran face first into what felt like a soft wall. Drax looked up and found himself looking into the furry chest of someone significantly taller, and bigger, than him.   “Well, well, well. If i' ain' Drax.”   A thunderous voice came from the mountain of a man in front of Drax. He looked up and stared right into the snout of a dulzuun with huge, intimidating tusks and tattoos all over his wrinkled face. The dru’un‘s tiny eyes peered at Drax as the huge man slammed his fist into his open palm with a loud “thud”.   “Am gon’ enjoy turnin' ya into jelly, bub!” the mountain rumbled.   Drax' shoulders sank in resignation. "You have got to be kidding me..." he muttered under his breath, narrowly dodging a fist the size of his chest whizzing past his head.
— Drax encounters a goon bodyguard.


Dru'un Bouncer
Dulzuun Bouncer by Mizomei

Dulzuun are huge creatures, standing up to two meters tall (7ft) and have a bulky, strong frame. Any dulzuun is a physically intimidating figure with their body size. Dulzuun have short legs ending in three-toed feet rather than hooves, like the zalra. They have thick, strong limbs and their hands are huge with four digits and opposing thumbs. Their fingers are thick and strong, but not very dextrous.

Dulzuun have a somewhat hunched posture with a sloped neck and a big head. Their necks and upper back have a hairy mane on the center ridge, often the same color and texture as their head hair. Thanks to this hair structure, many dulzuun wear tall and colorful mohawks. Their body is covered in a layer of flat, coarse fur and they have longer tufts of dark hair on their elbows and knees.

Facial Features

Dulzuun are undoubtedly distantly related to wild boars, said to have lived in the wild before the cataclysm and they bear strong resemblance to them. They have flat, pig-like snouts that vary in length between individuals and their mouths are lined by two to six tusks. The snout length and number of tusks vary between lineages.


Even dulzuun who are horribly out of shape can outmatch almost any other species in muscle mass and strength. Obviously, technique plays a large part, but the raw power of a dulzuun is terrifying. Even those who lack technique are frightful opponents in a melee due to sheer strength and power. Their skin is resilient and they can suffer heavy injury but still function. It is clear that the dulzuun evolved to hunt and defeat larger prey, not shying from conflict.

While the Dulzuun possess a keen sense of smell and good hearing, their eyesight is particularly poor. They are myopic and can only see well up to about 10 meters (30ft) before details are starting to be lost to them and after 20 meters they can no longer distinguish between individuals. They also lack good color resolution which means they have a poor understanding of color. Particular distinguishing hues is a problem as they can blend together for them, further harming their ability to see details at a distance. For this reason, they often rely more on smell and hearing. Their vision is quite good at picking up even minute movement however so standing still can allow one to "blend in" to the background and avoid detection at range. Though in difference from the other species the dulzuun have great dark vision. Their sensitivity to movement makes them excellent spotters in the dark.


While it's a stereotype that all dru'un are thick, daft and violent it's not entirely without some truth with the Dulzuun. Many dulzuun rate below average intelligence in Fusion City and coupled with the excess amounts of adrenaline and testosterone in their blood, they are quick to anger and violence. Their legacy as keen apex predators and solitary hunters make them innately distrustful and suspicious of others.

They are often outsmarted or outmaneuvered in everyday life and the frustration of constantly being misunderstood, or not grasping a situation, make them agitated, angry and makes them feel slighted and disadvantaged. This adds to their already significant tempers, making them moody and prone to angry outbursts.

A lot of dulzuun are therefore found in gangs where their strength and brutality is an advantage and gets them up the power ladder. Some prefer heavy manual labor jobs where their strength and power allow them to work with ease. There are few dulzuun who have made a successful corporation career. In general they lack the mental faculties or patience to successfully navigate the corporate ladder, much less run a commercial empire, but there are exceptions.

Beauty Ideals

Dulzuun are not conventionally attractive by the standards of the other species, but then again neither are the kuna. The kuna however make up for it with their sharp wits and charming demeanor. The dulzuun have no such luxury. Often found living alone, or with a dulzuun partner, means that they are even more isolated. However, due to their innate distrust of others, this generally suits them fine. This leads to a statistically significant segretation of dulzuun versus the other species.

Among the dulzuun there are still strong tribal sensibilites and a distrust of others which means that the "beauty ideals" of a dulzuun depend a lot more on status and brute strength than any physical appearance. Dulzuun are more likely to find a partner that is also dulzuun, rather than any other species. However, that is not to say they are forever bound to be isolated. There are plenty of dulzuun who have overcome their distrust and found love in other species.

Scientific Name
Dulzuun Dru'un
60 (natural)
120 (enhanced)
Average Height
170-220cm (5'7'' - 7')
Average Weight
90-130kg (200-300lbs)
Dulzuun CD10 Starting Traits




Eye Defect (Near-sighted)



Iron Physique (Everything)


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