Dead Tongue

The Dead Tongue is a stretch of land in the northern Shadowmark, nestled between the rivers Sol and Kebe'. It is a relatively fertile area of the Shadowmark, far from any shadow scars, but inhabited by the worst of the worst: The Eaters of the Dead.



The Dead Tongue is rocky desert, dotted by several hills and large dunes. It is difficult to see long distances here and the area is rife with excellent ambushing spots. For this reason it is incredibly dangerous to travel the Dead Tongue, especially since the Eaters are ever present and will attack anyone they see as possible prey.  

Flora and Fauna

The Tongue is a fertile area thanks to the two large rivers. Farming here is significantly easier and more yielding than other areas. However, due to the constant threat of attacks from Wasteland Raiders, few make their homes here. There are forests struggling to grow in the valleys of the Tongue and some areas even have tall grass. Excellent for hiding in.  


Most of the settlements in the Tongue are clustered tight together and close to Bullet Creek in order to garner safety from each other and the guards of the Creek. What few settlements lie further northwest are usually well fortified and have well trained and equipped guards. It is mostly with these settlements that the Powder Kegs trade weapons with, in exchange for foodstuffs.   The settlements near and around Bullet Creek are the only thing standing between the Eaters and the rest of the Shadowmark.,  

Natural Resources and Corporate Interests

Being a fertile area means that the Tongue is incredibly valuable to the Wastelanders. Being able to produce lots of crop and breed livestock is invaluable. The strength of the Eaters, however, makes this a tricky and dangerous prospect. There are significant mineral deposits in the northern mountains, but this is where the Eater population is the densest and strongest. Deep inside Eater territories, few have any great chance of survival.
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