Credit Chip

The credit chip is a small circuit that works as an individual's wallet. All their credits are usually connected to this chip, and many people incorporate this with their ID-tag, which is a digital photo-ID.



The credit chip technology was invented by Gerwyn Aslik, then a hardware circuit developer at Seris Electronics. It is little more than a microscopic chip that is incredibly secure through several hardware encryption technologies.   The size of the chip, it's interconnectability and it's sophisticated SNFC (Secure Near-Field Communication) allows it to be installed in virtually anything and still work. Common locations are jewelry, credit-card like cards, ID-cards and PersoComs (although this is considered extremely insecure). There are even those who implant the chip in their skin, usually on the back of the hand, in the palm or the tip of a finger.  


The chip works through a short-range, high bandwidth near-field communication technology. It's designed to interface with a person's PersoCom or if they have a NeuroComp. The user can see their current balance and clear any chip-to-chip transactions before they happen, and the transaction is made by bringing the two chips close together.   Most stores, vending machines and larger commercial centers have credit terminals that are registered with a financial institue. The financial institute inspects the machine for any tampering and if passes inspection, the terminal receives an ID-number unique to the terminal and is cleared throughout the credit chip network. This means that anyone wanting to pay something at this terminal only need to bring their chip close to the terminal to perform the transaction. There is no need to clear a transaction prior to paying at a registered terminal.  

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Availability: Very Common
Trader: Any financial institute or corporation
Price: Free

The credit chip is a nanoscale circuit that can be installed on any jewelry, clothing or even under the skin. The circuit is an interface between the person and their chosen financial instritute and allows a person to perform transactions with any credit terminal anywhere in Fusion City. Transfers between individual credit chips is also possible through proximity, provided both owners have cleared the transaction.
The credit chip is controlled via a small interface that can be installed on a small card, a watch or on a personal data terminal. Individuals with neural cybernetic interfaces can link their credit chip to their neural implants, allowing mental control over transactions.

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