Akelan Wastes

The Akelan Wastes lies in the heart of the Shadowmark and the area is mostly a rocky desert. The two most famous settlements here are Fusion City and Haven. It's nestled inbetween the rivers of Kebe' and Gowrangun, stretching from the mountains in the north to the sea in the south.


With the Fusion City Communal Authority laying claim to the area, but making no effort of policing it or enforcing any borders, the Akelan Wastes are packed with survivor settlements. Most of them, however, at a safe distance from the city, as to not remind them of their existance.



Most of the Akelan Wastes is a desert dotted by occasional rocky areas. Traversing the Wastes require either a sturdy, tracked vehicle, a hover or other flying vehicle. It can also be traversed by foot or by animal, but it takes a lot of time and is dangerous thanks to raiders, animals, mutants and the desert itself.   Like other regions of the Shadowmark, the Akelan Wastes is plagued by frequent and violent sand storms. Not only are these dangerous because of reduced visibility and difficulty of breathing, they also cause massive static electricity discharges that can be fatal to anyone struck by them. It is a dry, desolate and dead place. Only fools and the desperate try to survive here.  

Flora and Fauna

The most prominent form of life in the Akelan Wastes are desert snakes, spiders and rodents, however near the rocky areas there are usually large herds of O'che, whom the Wastelanders domesticate.   The Akelan Wastes are one of the few places in the Shadowmark where you will find surviving flora. There are pockets of surviving forests and some areas near the south that even have grass and a few sturdy plants.   Southwest of Fusion City is the most fertile place and several hundred settlements are dotted throughout the wastes here. Don't be fooled however, farming crops is a difficult, time consuming and often disappointing endevour. The Shadowmark, no matter how undamaged, is still a toxic, barren wasteland. Only the most determined farmers will produce anything edible here.  


The Akelan Wastes is home to the megacity, Fusion City, and to several hundred wastelanders settlements. In the southeast lies the Promised Land and only mutants are welcome there.  

Natural Resources and Corporate Interests

There are still mining installations throughout the wastes, but almost all of them are abandoned. The corporations that used to run them are long gone, together with the rest of the world. Those that still have mining operations in the wastes are at harsh competition with corporations like ThalCorp Enterprises, who have off-world mining operations in The Abyss with far higher yields.   The primary resource that Fusion City needs is fusion material to feed the fusion power plants of the city. Those are still being mined mostly in the Akelan Wastes.


  • Morvátian Peninsula
    A map over the Morvátian Peninsula, housing most, if not all, of the survivors of the Cataclysm. The Morvátian Pensinsula is the focus of Cinders of the Cataclysm, in addition to The Abyss.
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Included Locations
Owning Organization
Geographic Location | Dec 2, 2019

The wastelands outside the cities. A toxin-ridden desert, populated only by the exiled, monsters and mutants.

Fusion City
Settlement | Sep 3, 2021

Fusion City is the world's only surviving megacity. A colossal, domed city built in three levels, housing over a hundred million people.

Ethnicity | Jan 21, 2021

Mutants, monsters, raiders and loonies. Wastelanders who live in the Shadowmark, outside of Fusion City. Commonly disparagingly referred to as "Cockroaches", these wastelanders survive on salvaged tech from the old world.

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