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"What are we hunting?"
"A vampire."
"You do know that's not specific at all right?"
"What the hell do you mean? The thing that has sharp teeth and bites people."
"Well, there's legality involved here. There's the soulless vampire which can be rabid mind you, then there's the Bloodborn and Trueborn which are protected by law, and then you have Servants-"
"Fangers are all the same, undead leeches. I don't care what this one is and neither does our benefactor."
"Nah, screw that. If you don't know, I'm out. I'm not going to the Cages just 'cause you're always wanting to kill 'fangers'."
"Well... that spares you."
— Bounty Hunters and their quarry
What was once a term that defined an undead species of lifeblood feeders with a weakness to the sunlight has instead become a blanket term to cover the entire undead species that fed off of mortals. However, the term is mostly reserved for the soulless beings that now roam the worlds-- the and is a term of insult when used to describe any others that have souls or are soul-touched.  


According to both myth and history, there were two origins vampires, one born of the union between succubi/incubi and mortals and one molded as servants to the dark deity Morvaarnhr. These vampires were soulless and maintained the intelligence of their previous life gaining along with it superhuman capabilities and weaknesses due to their dark nature.   Those that were born with fiendish blood in them were very powerful and the first of their kind discovering their natural charming abilities the more they interacted with mortals. They were the ones that mortalkind became familiar with as they were the first that came to the world. Those that were created by Morvaarnhr were corrupted mortals that had either willingly or unwittingly given up their soul to the dark god's power growing his presence and influence.   The creation of the Trueborn Vampires came thousands of years later during the Brink of Existence and were created through Morvaarnhr's schemes and mortal arcane arts.  

The Soulless Vampire

While there are tiers and different types of soulless vampires, these are the vampires that many common folk mistakenly believe mostly reside within Arvanoc.   Prime Vampires:
Vampires created by the union of succubi/incubi with mortals. Due to the direct fiendish inheritance that wins out, the product of their union is born without a soul and   Elder Vampires:
Descendants of Prime Vampires born due to the consumption of either lifeblood or magic. Elder vampires are almost as powerful as the previous generation but the fiendish connection is not as direct, thus a small degree of power is lost. However, Elder Vampires remain just as a dangerous threat.   Lesser Vampires:
Progeny of Elder and Prime vampires created via drained mortals that have retained their mind and sanity. All lesser vampires are servants of their sire unless a blood ritual is performed involving both sire and progeny. The ritual is barely attempted as the sire normally deems it unecessary as it could possibly turn the progeny into a rabid spawn which many view as annoying to take care of and harmful overall to the survival of the species.   Spawn Vampires:
Progeny of Elder and Prime vampires created via drained mortals whose will and constitution were rather weak. They maintain their intellegence but are a shadow of their former selves with nothing more than the want to serve their sire in any way shape and form. They barely recall their previous lives and wish not to return. They will become violent if anyone tries to separate them from their sire.   Rabid Spawn Vampires:
Progeny that have gone mad either due to a blood ritual or through a simple break in sanity. This vampire is insatiable and constantly hungers for blood. While there are few groups that can maintain their composure and act similarly to a lesser vampire and are known as "Blood Reavers", that is only due to the large amount of blood they have consumed over their lives to get to that point and normally, they would have to drink from someone very powerful to maintain their sanity.   Normally, rabid vampires are considered a nuisance and are immediately killed upon creation or sight as resources for the already sane Blood Reavers.  

The Trueborn Vampire

While the term vampire exists in the name, the term is not used to refer to those that have souls and to call one straight to their face even after they've identified themselves to you is an insult.   Trueborn Vampires:
Created and given life to live in this world by the gods, the Trueborn Vampire are those that are soul-touched and as such have the ability to daywalk.   Bloodborn Vampires:
Progeny of Trueborn vampires, they maintain their soul and intelligence during their turning but are still bound to their sire. However, it is easy for them to become their own indivudal as the sire Trueborn may break the bond through a short meditative ritual.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

Soulless vampires face challenges when it comes to reproduction. While they have the capabilities to reproduce similarly to their parents and can reproduce with another vampire, they must first consume enough lifeblood or absorb enough magic on the material plane to gain the constitution to mate with another.   Now, while born pure-blood vampires were similar to their parents as they are also born without a soul, they are a bit further from the fiendish touch that birthed their parents and thus the generation after the first ever vampires (Prime Vampires) became known as a different type of vampire (Elder Vampires).   On the otherhand, dhampirs were gifted souls from birth as their mortal parent gave them that gift of life. However, over time and through the dhampir's actions, the soul could either wither and die within them leaving just the vampire-half alive and unable to satiatied or floruish and guarantee the dhampir a life afterward in the realm he chose to align with in his life.   Besides regular reproduction, vampires also have the ability to create more vampires through a combination of their bite and life draining abilities.   The vampires created via bite were considered lesser vampires and all are bonded to their sire until they either feed on their sire's blood or the bond is broken by their sire through a blood purifying ritual which is extremely painful to both parties. If the lesser vampire's will or constitution is weak, its sanity will not survive the ritual and instead a rabid vampire will emerge, forever bound to its sire and constantly ravenous.   If the lesser vampire were to consume a significant amount of their sire's blood to the point where it leaves the elder vampire in a weakened state, the lesser vampire can gain the strength of power equal to an elder and break the bond.   Trueborn's progeny via bite, Bloodborn vampires, were similar to the Trueborn in that they had souls and were bound to their sire similar in the way a lesser vampire is bound. However, through will alone, a Trueborn sire can end the bond between themselves and their progeny.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

All vampires have enhanced senses from acute hearing, sharpened smell and sight, and even a magnified sensitivity to touch and even taste-- the latter of which they are able to taste simple poisons and toxins as found in nature (including venom).   Due to the changes of their body, both soulless and soul-touched vampires have supernatural strength and endurance.

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