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The Mist Dragon of Zhadya

"Did you know Zhadya had its own Mist Dragon?"
"I doubt there's a dragon the size of a mountain within the city."
"Of course not, but there's someone that blinks just like him. One moment he's right in front of you, the next he's taken what he wants, and then-- gone. Not climbing down the building or leaping away on rooftops, just gone."
  Nowadays, in the days of the Mage Fall era, there is some confusion as to who the Mist Dragon truly was. From many stories, it was said that a great revelation outed the rogue Dhirga as the Mist Dragon of Zhadya and while many clerics of Herrus claim this to be the truth shown to them by divine sight, others believe that there was another that had taken up the mantle first and was the true vigilante for the people before Dhirga had claimed the name.   For those people, they cited tales and books written a couple decades past the Brink where another by the name of Khareth of Ithil was mentioned as having been the legendary vigilante of Zhadya.  

Khareth of Ithil

In the oldest book to recollect the stories of the renowned vigilante, it mentions that the dragon wore a mask that never revealed his face and "his clothes seemed to shift with the shadows as if woven with it." While he carried two blades at his side, he seemed to always use magic in rather subtle and clever ways, only ever drawing a weapon when faced against a mage as if taking the caster on as a challenge.   His first stories established who the people saw him as and what kind of criminal he was. He was one who stole from those who hoarded their gold and possessions and was known to drop it into temples to disperse what was needed. Tales of Khareth of Ithil were full of adventures both bold and daring, set with the rising threat of the war to come, and, also, to no one's surprise there were several books that spoke of amorous escapades with him-- though all of these but two were considered to fit the supposed timeline of the vigilante who was hailed a criminal in his homeland.   Throughout all these books and takes, he was always mentioned as Khareth and had worked with several people, a secret network of sorts which somehow managed to switch names each and every book. Historians believe that the network did exist and had called itself multiple names so as its real name would be forgotten to history in case it was to be used and needed again.   What's strange about everything was that the last of the books that mentioned Khareth was written out mostly like a story and detailed the time that the vigilante found a weapon held by the old senator in the richest section of Zhadya, one who was renowned to have supported the criminal underworld that kept the city torn and ruined. While the Mist Dragon never found the weapon, he instead found what is referenced by the book as a maiden gifted with a "drop of the sun" what he realized to be a great treasure to the old man and stole her only to disappear along with this treasure into the vaults of history.  

The Other Side of the Coin

While the books leave out any definitive ending, the believers say that the fate of Mist Dragon is unknown but that it was during this time where Dhirga eventually took up the mantle of the Mist Dragon, probably either a pupil of Khareth or part of the organization that supplied the Mist Dragon his information.   Counterarguments pointed out that the maiden gifted with a "drop of the sun" sounds similar to Brigga, a cleric of the goddess of fire and inspiration from whom she was named from, and that it was only after meeting her that the tales of Dhirga diverged and the Mist Wolf began to appear elsewhere in other regions, leaving behind Zhadya to fight for a higher cause.   However, what would a debate of myth be without a rebuttal: that Dhirga and Brigga were supposed to have met in another circumstance where she was saved from the Courting of the Sun by him after he won the trials, having seen how sad she was at being the prize and determined to win in order to spare her the fate of being promised to a man whom she had no affection for.  

What the Clerics Say...

The clerics state that while there may have been someone who wore the mask before Dhirga, it was he that was hailed as the dragon that stole from the rich in Zhadya, the nemesis of Sentor Doascerin who stole the great treasure that collapsed his empire, and the man that had won the hand of the Princess of Vamirae. However, that contradicts itself doesn't it?

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