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Sun Markets of Rylynmitore (RYE-lin-mi-tore)

In Rylynmitore, after intense and humid sunny months, there is at least one month of sun before the harvesting season that has mild weather suitable for long travel and many gatherings in the stone streets. During this month vendors from all around the city and along the river venture to Rilynmitore for the annual month of Sun Markets as they are called.  

Preparations and Schedule

During the early summer months, a special city council is elected to oversee the coordination of the street markets as well as the end of the week festivals. They are tasked with reviewing applications of visiting vendors and also enabling communications with local businesses to ensure that lodging is secured.   In order to bolster lawkeeping forces, war academy student volunteers from the seventh and eighth year classes are dispatched from the school along with a trio of Strategian, who will oversee safety measures and assist with extra patrols both within and on the outskirts of the city. Though the city boasts some of the most skilled law enforcers as it is considered the state's summer capital, Strategians view this time as the city at its most vulnerable to attack, but they involve themselves to also reassure visitors that all precautions are being taken.   By the start of the second summer month, approvals are sent to vendors via magical means with a reply expected as soon as it arrives so that a replacement can be notified as soon as possible. While hundreds of applications are sent, only a few dozen are selected as certain market streets can accommodate. Vendors are expected to enter the city during the week before the Sun Markets are opened and register their arrival with the council at the city's local officials hall. At that point, there is a market fee expected to be paid before they are guided by a strategian-in-training to their future market area and then to their lodgings.   Once the Sun Markets are opened a steady schedule settles within the first week. For the last three days of each week, street markets are opened in various parts of the city with small localized evening festivals marking the end of each week. During the rest of the week days, city markets reopen with new wares, new delicassies, and new crafts as some visitors offered their services and work in exchange for lodging.  

A Showcase of Talent

Seen all around the city at this time are colorful displays by artisans, craftsmen, and other local tradeworkers. Souvenirs created just for the event are considered to be unique as each buyer could add a small touch of their own work to their ware or item in honor of the collabortive spirit that the time inspires.   During festivals, dances from distant regions are taught and some corners of festivals depending on who is present will also celebrate a holiday local to a group of sellers so that they can be a part of the celebration even if they are far from their homelands.   Certain traditions that are seen during the festival include competitions (food, body paint, makeup, art, etc), concerts, dance displays, and even technological showcases.

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