The Cataclysm


11/7 7:00
11/7 8:00

A massive explosion changes the Urnati world forever.

After the disappearance of The Emissaries and their failure to report back their condition, the Urnati decide to send a second vessel to see if they can find the lost expedition. They begin design on a new vessel, with additional shielding against potentially damaging effects of the spacetime folding. As part of the design they also choose to begin testing a new, more powerful folding technology.   During testing, a failure resulted in a massive explosion when matter and anti-matter used in the folding technology collided. The explosion sent enough matter into the air that a dense cloud of dust and radioactivity encircled the planet within a matter of days. Those within 15 miles of the blast were vaporized. Within 250 miles, buildings were destroyed, and living beings were either killed by the debris, the firestorm, or both. Few survived the intense radiation and shock wave.   Technologies that relied on some type of electrical power were rendered unusable by the massive electromagnetic pulse generated by the blast.   The effects of the initial blast were only beginning.

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