The Torgaro Family

A Family torn Apart By The Winds Of Fate

In Pre-Cataclysm Urnati, the Torgaro family was wealthy, influential and well-respected. A long line of miners and engineers, they owned numerous companies and were leaders of industry. Nevertheless, they were careful not to dabble in the political sphere, opting to stay out of the machinations of the legislators of Urnati.   Their wealth and connections all came to a grinding halt with the Cataclysm.


The family is as old as recorded history on Urnati. In the Beginning Era, the Torgaros were first to master the art of forging iron and other metals to create tools and weapons. But before long, the Torgaros found that getting the supplies and raw materials needed to perform their work was less than reliable.   They began to develop tools specifically for mining the ore they needed and studying the geology of the Rinzeremel Mountains. As they did, they discovered ways to extract not only iron ore but other minerals as well. By 4600 BTG, the Torgaros had become skilled in mining gems, precious metals, quarrying stone, and trading in all of these materials. They developed new techniques and taught new miners the skills needed to tackle the mining of the hard Rinzeremel rock safely. They even developed a means to mine and extract Blackglass, the hard but brittle shiny black rock used for creating beautiful objects of art and exceptionally sharp blades.   Their skills and knowledge were renowned across Urnati and often commissioned to advise other mining operations worldwide. When the TechMag era began, the Torgaros were perfectly poised to take advantage of the technological and magical advancements. They went from being smiths to foundries, individual miners to running massive mining operations. They also were involved in banking, having amassed enormous wealth in precious metals and gems. The Torgaros kept these in vaults inside the mines. On more than one occasion, their wealth was used to prop up governments that had overspent, allowing the Torgaros unparalleled access to kings and rulers.   As the governments slowly merged into one global entity, the Torgaros were seen as power brokers, with connections seen all over the world. It did not appear there was a single corner of Urnati that the Torgaros did not have influence.  
King Rens Torgaro by KahunaTheElder / Artbreeder
In 3409 BTG, Rens Torgaro Torgaro ascended to the Mining Division of Torgaro Industries' Chief Officer position. Rens had an aptitude and a passion for the skills required in mining. Many of the designs for new mining equipment and increases in safety procedures came from Rens himself. His promotion was well-deserved, and frankly, expected. While his brothers and sisters were more interested in the business's trading and power aspects, Rens reveled in the craftsmanship and engineering involved in the mining business. Rens spent time in Urshalin City visiting the crafts sector to learn new techniques and gather ideas for new machines. He wanted to see what the craftsmen had to say and how to improve his knowledge. Craftspeople noticed his efforts, and he was welcome to any craft house in the city.   All of this power and influence was no match, however, for the Cataclysm. Most of the family was home in their compound just outside Urshalin City, with a few others at the company offices in the city's heart. However, Rens was at Torgaro Mine #12, one of the largest and deepest of the Torgaro operations. He was meeting with engineers and machine operators to discuss plans for a new tunneler that could chew through the hard Rinzeremel rock quickly while placing reinforcing steel casings simultaneously.   The meeting was briefly interrupted when Rens' wife arrived with a midday snack for him - and snacks for the rest of the team as well. As they enjoyed the treat, they laughed and joked with each other. It would be the last laugh they would share for a very long time.   A brilliant flash of light illuminated the inside of the mine and seemed to even come from the rock itself. It left all inside temporarily blinded. Their eyesight recovered, only to discover they had no power. All the lights had shut off, as did the ventilation systems. Attempts to contact other operations of the mine were also cut off without power. One of the mine bosses went to the mine entrance to determine where the power outage started.   He stood on the clearing outside of the mine, scanning for clues to where the outage might have occurred. No one knows what he saw. He turned to his left and began to yell something. The crew watched helplessly as he was blasted away from the entrance, carried by a force of wind more potent than had ever been seen. Massive pieces of debris, machines, vehicles, and stone walls were all thrown aloft in the wind, which began blasting through the mine. Anyone and anything in its path were swept away. Rens, his wife, and the few men with them slammed the office door shut, a massive iron plate designed to withstand any accidental mining blasts. The mountain suddenly shook with a force of 100 mining blasts.   The wind seemed to go in forever. In truth, it was likely no more than an hour. The air in the office was becoming stagnant. With no power, the air circulation system had stopped working. The sounds outside of the poor had quieted. Rens released the bars from the door and opened it slowly.   Outside the door, a breeze still blew in from the entrance. But there was no other sound. The tunnel was scoured clear. Debris was pushed hundreds of feet down the tunnel and into connecting corridors. But the most troubling was the absence of any sound but that of the wind. There were hundreds of miners and mine employees in Mine #12, yet nothing could be heard. Not a voice, not a cry for help. Nothing but the breeze.   The Torgaro family, as it was, would end that day. The Cataclysm had leveled Urshalin City. The wind and the toxic elements in it had killed all those who stood in its path. Others were crushed in the rubble of 700 mph winds. Any family not in a mine that day was gone.   Mine #12 became the survival space for those miners that survived and any who could make it there. And the Torgaros of old were down to just Rens and his wife.
All Images created BY Kahuna the Elder, with source materials from Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash, Artbreeder and public domain sources.
Dissolution Date
3396 BTG
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Master Brinsmead
Caitlin Phillips
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This is a brilliant history of a fascinating family. Blackglass sounds beautiful. The story of the ordeal suffered by Ren, his wife and their miners was so well written and really pulled me in. Excellent work!

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Thanks so much! I enjoyed writing it. The entire family has quite the history!

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