The Buckler

Dobur Burod (a.k.a. The Buckler)

An imposing, intimidating fellow, Dobur "The Buckler" Burod is a known tough-guy in Orsholon.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Dobur is a big man, and keeps in top physical shape as a general requirement of his line of work.

Body Features

Large, imposing and strong. He is a bit of a mountain of a man, and not one you'd want to meet in a dark alley.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Dobur was born in the town of Quastmor, south of Lawcrane. He grew up apprenticing as a blacksmith with his father from a young age. It helped that he was always a big kid, and took well to the hard and heavy work of forging metal.   His father, Biawo was known far beyond the borders of Orsholon as a master bladesmith, producing amazing folded steel blades with intricate patterns and amazing durability. And their edges made razors seem like dull butter knives. They were prized by the Royal Guard Of Orsholon.   But as Dobur approached adulthood, he felt restless. While his father had connections with the Royal Guard, Dobur did not wish to trade on his father's name. So he began working as a guard at the local tavern, acting as a bouncer and taking care of unruly patrons.   He turned out to be very good at handling himself and anyone who dared to oppose him. In short order, the tavern owner began hiring Dobur outside of the tavern for personal protection. While skilled with a blade, his specialty is hand-to-hand combat. His body blows are how he earned his nickname, "The Buckler". One shot, and he would buckle his opponents.   In the recent past, he has acted as hired muscle for nobles, but as a rule, stays above board and within the law. But it is known within the Royal Guard that if they need something taken care of that they can't officially be involved with, "The Buckler" is the man to get hold of.


Dobur went to the School of Hard Knocks and Hard Work. He did study swordsmanship and is a highly proficient blacksmith. But his physical skill is learned from brawling.   He has learned much of what he knows through conversation and contact with tavern patrons. He can carry an education with most patrons, but Dobur is not much of a conversationalist.


Nowadays, Dobur works as a personal bodyguard to a variety of Orsholon nobles, as well as occasionally protecting merchants on the road. He also is called on by the Royal Guard from time to time, and has been known to hire out as a bounty hunter in particularly difficult cases.

Wealth & Financial state

Not a nobleman, and he keeps his wealth status quiet. But he has never wanted for money.
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Chaotic Neutral
Year of Birth
1169 ATG 38 Years old
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Deep set, gray
Short, gray
Skin Tone
285 lbs.
Aligned Organization


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