Pekubogo Monin (peh-koo-BOH-goh MOO-nin)

He went there to find adventure. They all do. We warned him that he would get lost in its carnal nature, but he wouldn't listen. We haven't heard from him in four months. His mother and I are afraid he may have lost him forever.
— Orsholon father seeking help to find his son.


The static population is made up of a variety of etnnicities due to the town's location at the border of Orsholon and Chadigartu. From here, travelers can so south into Orsholon, north into Chadigartu, or if desired, west into the Muioqa Desert. On the coast of the Nawal Sea, it has a small, but functional port. The port is not designed for trade, as is Lawcrane, but is more of a comfort and restocking port, with repair facilities for ocean-going vessels.   Pekubogo Monin, often referred to as Gara, has a high number of transiet population, either just passing through, or working temporary jobs. It is important to note that it is rare that someone ends up in Pekubogo Monin unintentionally; the main route between Chadigartu and Orsholon is farther inland and much easier travel. If someone is found here, they chose to be there.


The local governance in Pekubogo Monin is a fairly loosely connected groups of "business leaders", usually merchants or service providers whose businesses deliver the most in taxes and tithes to they city. In essence, their positions are bought. Not unlike much of what you'll find there...

Industry & Trade

While you'll never hear it spoken out loud by a citizen, Pokubogo Monin is a place where your desires can be bought, or at least rented. Various businesses offer sex workers, illicit and non-illicit compounds, all manner of drink, gambling and more. This brings with it a heavy influence from the Calaun Crime Syndicate, who takes a portion of all revenues.


This area of the continent was scrubbed clean in the aftermath of The Cataclysm. To the northwest is Mount Niaholm. The winds from the blast swept around the mountain, combining afterward in a turbulent vortex that acted like a massive cyclone of rock and sand. When the blasts were over, there was nothing left in the area but bare rock.   Due to a strange quirk in territorial law, Pekubogo Monin sits on the border of Orsholon and Chadigartu, but beoings to neither. It therefore is not subject to the laws of either country and makes its own rules. This has given the town its "lawless" reputation. It sits on a small island of rock that was left after the Cataclysm, accessed by one of two bridges, or by sea. The town runs the length of the island, with a few smaller streets at the sides of the main road. The town is out of the way for a traveler who is trying to get from Orsholon to Chadigartu quickly, but it nevertheless is always busy.   The town was founded by Jel Egwu in 3148 BTG. Egwu was a merchant who was known for traveling between Lawcrane and the cities in Chadigartu for his trade business. It was Egwu that discoved the discrepancy in the Orsholon and Chadigartu laws that left the town without a homeland. The lawas, written to define the border, used the Zowolar River as a defining line between the countries. But the land that the town is founded on is an island in the middle of that river where it meets the Nawal Sea. The descriptions in each country read that the countries end at the water's edge on the Zowolar River.   This meant that the island was neither in Orsholon nor Chadigartu. So Egwu claimed it for his own.   He soon realized that many of the items he would not trade because of their illegality could be easily traded were no country held sway. And thus, the town began to grow.   It did not take long before the notoriety of the town grew, with easy access to prostitutes, psychotropic drugs and gambling.


Tourism, particularly sexual tourism, is the primary driver of visitation to the town. Its nickname, Gara, translates to "Paradise" and it is seen as such by many.   This town is not for children or the faint of heart. Business after business support sex workers, drug dealers, gambling and drinking. And these locations are very busy, night and day.   Across land, the come in from Orsholon and Chadigartu, while by sea, they come from farther off by way of the sea. It is not uncommon for more than one military vessl to be docked just offshore so that sailors can spend their shore leave time in the town. There, they may experience the effects of medicinal, but pungent fungi with a psychotropic component. Or perhaps, spend a night with their choice of companion. If they choose, they may suffer at the hands of a dominant sexual partner, or find someone who wants to receive the pain.   All manner of mood and awareness-enhancing compunds can be found in Gara, from mild sedatives to powerful stimulants that can give even the weakest the strength of ten men. While these elixirs are outlawed across most of Arnathia, here they flow freely. This unfortunately often leads to abuse of the compounds, and more than one sailor has gone missing after a night of smoking in an underworld den.   Tourists who come here know exactly what they are getting into, even if they don't know what they go there. The town can be dangerous, exciting, and deadly.
All Images created BY Kahuna the Elder, with source materials from Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash, Artbreeder and public domain sources.
Founding Date
3148 BTG
Alternative Name(s)
Rising Sun, Gara
3300 in the greater area
Inhabitant Demonym
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