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Vocru Epistemology: Frameworks of Knowing

What follows is a broad outline of the epistemological frameworks used by the Author-Emperors:  

Foundational Principles

  1. Optimological Axioms: Basic postulates governing rational thought, optimized for universal applicability.   2. Unitive Theorems: Principles guiding the unification of disparate knowledge systems.  

Dimensional Studies

  1. Quantalectics: Study of the smallest units of reality, focused on quantum behavior.   2. Cosmotopology: Study of cosmic structures and their optimal formations.  

Systemic Investigations

  1. Dynametrics: Study of change and motion within systems.   2. Equilibratics: Study of balance and stability in systems.  

Linguistic Structures

  1. Iconic Syntax: Study of the high-dimensional language directly inscribed onto the fabric of Reality.   2. Semioptimic Parallels: Study of lexical dualities and ambiguities optimized for governance and decision-making.  

Ethical Constructs

  1. Praxeologics: Study of action and consequence, optimized for ethical governance.   2. Valutics: Study of value systems and their optimization across cultures and realities.  

Metacognitive Frameworks

  1. Cogniton Substrate: Study of the universal computational matrix, the foundation of Thought and Reality.   2. Infinitologics: Study of concepts and entities that transcend conventional boundaries, aiming for optimization at the limit.  

Regulatory Mechanics

  1. Ourotek Loops: Cycles of regulation and governance.   2. BoR Directives: Specific guidelines derived from the Burden of Rule, governing cosmic and localized systems.   These categories work in concert to provide a comprehensive, optimized understanding of reality and governance, aiding in the Vocru mission to enact the Burden of Rule.


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