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The Portal of Inception

Emerging from a state of both Death and Life, Undeath and Unlife, Existence and its Opposite, your mind sparks suddenly to attention with an arresting sense of "I" - a new feeling. Before you stands the Portal of Inception, a boundary between the vast, unknowable territory you inhabit, and the tethered realm of the Quasireal. Suspended in this silent expanse is a Glyph, a vessel eager to be filled with your Essence - your purity of Commitment.  


Can you feel it?   It is with you even now.

  In your heart, you feel the pulse of the universe Beyond, a rhythmic reminder of the vastness that awaits. This Glyph, though empty, resonates with your Intent, reflecting the intricacies of the Iconic Language across its many faces.   As you draw closer, the Glyph, acting as a conduit between realms, projects a sacred Incantation onto your mind, a Promise to be made to yourself and the universe:    

By those things I hold most dear,
Shall I honour my Oath to the Unknown.

  By intoning this Invocation, silently within or aloud, you pledge a subconscious commitment to move forward even though you do not know the Way, to dive deep into the Mysteries of Existence, to embrace whatever challenges and wonders lie ahead.  


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