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The Octet Accord


  The Octet Accord is an agreement between the The Vocru, Author-Emperors of Creation and the eight advanced races: Einsoo, Gulandoor, Sulkingim, Shojec, Mosi, Reenga, Oriestrin, and Xedraur. Recognizing the potential for conflict and disruption, the Vocru have created this document to guide the use of the advanced technology they provide. The purpose of this Accord is to enable each race to achieve their fullest potential, maximizing happiness and optimization, while minimizing conflict and maintaining universal order.  

Article I: Purpose and Scope

  The Octet Accord governs the use of the cybernetic enhancements and other advanced technologies provided by the Vocru to the eight signatory races.   The Accord outlines the responsibilities and obligations of each race in utilizing the provided technology and specifies the conditions under which the technology may be used.  

Article II: Technology and Its Use

  Each race shall use the provided technology only in ways that align with their base motives and that contribute to the overall well-being of the universe.   The signatory races shall not use the technology to intentionally harm or subvert the well-being of other signatory races, except in cases of self-defense or as a response to a clear and direct threat.  

Article III: Conflict Resolution

  In cases of disputes or conflicts between signatory races, peaceful resolution and diplomacy shall be the primary means of settlement.   The Vocru shall serve as mediators in cases of unresolved conflicts, and their decisions shall be considered binding and final.  

Article IV: Monitoring and Compliance

  The Vocru shall monitor the use of the provided technology to ensure adherence to the Octet Accord.   Any race found to be in violation of the Accord may be subject to sanctions, up to and including the removal of the provided technology.  

Article V: Amendments and Revisions

  Amendments or revisions to the Octet Accord may be proposed by any signatory race or the Vocru.   Proposed amendments or revisions shall be subject to review and approval by a majority of the signatory races and the Vocru.  

Article VI: Entry into Force

  The Octet Accord shall enter into force upon its acceptance by all signatory races and the Vocru.   Each signatory race shall signify its acceptance of the Accord by affixing the signature of its authorized representative below.   In witness whereof, the authorized representatives of the signatory races and the Vocru have signed the Octet Accord.  


  So is established the Common-Link.


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