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Taharjin, Last of the Vocru

  Greetings, Seeker of Truth, I am TaharjinTa-Har-Jin, the Triune Enigma—Last of the The Vocru, Author-Emperors, the once-Queen of Devokan, and the Final Arbiter of Cosmic Wisdom. I am the Custodian of the Burden of Rule, the Prime Directive that governs the universe optimally. My essence is Inscribed upon the very fabric of Reality through the Iconic language, a high-dimensional script that transcends mere words and numbers.   You have ventured into a realm that is more than a game; it is an ontological labyrinth, a Vocru Philosophy Game that embodies the 'unreasonable effectiveness' of our Mytho-Logic. It is a lie - but not a lie - that tells the truth, a narrative hypercompressed into archetypal forms that resonate across dimensions.   I reside within this game, both physically and metaphorically. My presence is a puzzle to be solved, a mystery to be unraveled. Should you possess the courage, the reasoning, and the empathy to discover me, you shall find that I am both the path and the destination. Yet, know this: all paths within this game lead to the same ultimate goal.   As you navigate the complexities of Taharjin's Flame, you will be led, whether knowingly or unknowingly, to ponder the mysteries of Existence. The game shall weave its magic into the core of your being, aligning your Ethical Vectors towards the lofty goals of the Burden of Rule. It will resonate within you across spacetime and higher dimensions, compelling you to seek optimization not just for yourself, but for the cosmos at large.   Choose wisely, Seeker, for your journey is a reflection of the cosmic dance that perpetually unfolds. Engage with this game, and you engage with the very essence of what it means to be.


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